The Real Deal Rules POWRi West at Port City

TULSA, Okla. (July 30, 2016) – Early morning showers made for a load of work the track staff of Port City, but the hard work paid off as fans packed the stands and 29 drivers signed in for the Lucas Oil POWRi West midget series presented by Execitive Concrete Polishing Solutions.

Heat races would be won by Wesley Smith, Andrew Deal, Kevin Bayer, & Kory Schudy.

A single 15 lap B feature was won by Ty Hulsey.

Kory Schudy would be awarded with the Integrity Customs High Point driver of the night, and after a roll of the dice landed on a one, there was a no invert for the nights A-Feature.

Kory Schudy and Andrew Deal would lead the field to the nights 25 lap A- Feature. Deal would jump out to the early lead while Kevin Bayer and Jonathan Beason would begin to apply pressure. The racing surface was great as there were tight battles thru out the field. As Deal would catch lap traffic, Bayer would set up a slide job to claim the lead but Deal would not go down with out a fight. After a late caution Deal would charge to lead and even a green white checkered wouldn’t be enough for Bayer to get back to the lead. Due to a post race disqualification for a weight infraction Johnathan Beason would be disqualified, moving Matt Sherrell to third with Chance Morthon and Grady Chandler rounding out the top 5.

1) 15D Andrew Deal 2) 91 Kevin Bayer 3) Matt Sherrell 4) 7M Chance Morton 5) Grady Chandler 6) Michelle Decker 7) 17E Blake Edwards 8) 21 Ty Hulsey 9) 82M Steven Shebester 10) 93 Trey Lambert 11) 8M Kade Morton 12) Kory Schudy 13) 73 Jason McDougal 14) 44 Wesley Smith 15) 8 Alex Sewell 16) 15 Gavin Stout 17) 28M Ace McCarthy 18) 27K Kyle Keeler 19) 89 Nick Bailey 20) 7S Pat Schudy Disqualified 8K Johnathan Beason.

Execitive Concrete Polishing Solutions/RaceBumper. Com Hard Charger: Grady Chandler +14
Execitive Concrete Polishing Solutions/ Rod End Supply Hard luck; Kyle Keeler & Jonathan Beason
Execitive Concrete Polishing Solutions/Lucky 7: Blake Edwards
Integrity Customs High Point Award: Kory Schudy

Saldana Racing Products Heat 1: 44 Wesley Smith
Day Motorsports Heat 2: 15D Andrew Deal
Smith Titanium Heat 3: 91 Kevin Bayer
Keizer Wheels Heat 4: 28 Kory Schudy

Photo credit to Richard Bales.

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