Simas Snares BCRA Honors at Placerville

Brad Kennedy, PLACERVILLE, Cal. (July 2, 2016) – 17 BCRA Midgets entered the night for their second trip of 2016 to the Placerville Speedway. The field took the green into turn one for 30 laps of action, with outside row 1 starter Britton Bock hitting the inside berm in turn one causing the car to bicycle and stall the motor.

A complete restart saw Taylor Simas lead the field over Cory Elliott. However, the caution would soon fly again as Maria Cofer spun in turn 1 and collected #77K Mark Maliepaard and #87 Bobby Wilson.

Once the race got going, Simas took a commanding lead over the field. In just 9 laps,  Shane Golobic moved from his 15th starting spot up to fifth, and battled Sean Becker for 4th for multiple laps. Just past the ten lap mark, a torrid battle for 3rd between Brian Gard, Greg Bragg, Sean Becker, and Golobic preceded a stoppage as Golobic cut down a right rear tire on lap 15 and would be forced to pit before returning to action.

Taylor Simas continued to stay flawless when the race resumed, while Golobic charged from the rear of the field back to 3rd in the final 15 laps of the race. Simas cruised to his first Placerville Speedway win over second running Cory Elliott, while Golobic took home 3rd. Fourth was Greg Bragg while fifth went to Sean Becker.

“The track really started slicking off toward the end”, Simas explained in the winner’s circle. “The car was stuck really well on the bottom on entry, I just had to make sure I stayed glued to the bottom coming off. Luckily, we held held them off”.

Heat race wins were captured by Simas and Bock.

“A” Feature Results: 1. 62-Taylor Simas, 2. 11e-Cory Elliott, 3. 26-Shane Golobic, 4. 11-Greg Bragg, 5. 19s-Sean Becker, 6. 11x-Michael Kofoid, 7. 57-Maria Cofer, 8. 88-Brian Gard, 9. 11F-Floyd Alvis, 10. 87-Bobby Wilson, 11. 38-Dan Parker, 12. 74-J.R. Williams, 13. 25g-Dustin Golobic, 14. 8-Bill Lindsey, 15. 67-Britton Bock, 16. 24-Nick Foster, 17. 77k-Mark Maliepaard.