Sherrell Shines at 81 Speedway

Lonnie Wheatley, WICHITA, Kan. (August 21, 2015) – Matt Sherrell topped round two of the POWRi West Midget “Summer Showdown” by wiring the field in Friday night’s 25-lap feature atop the 3/8-mile 81 Speedway.

Although the Owasso, OK, racer led all the way from the pole, he had plenty of company most of the way as Michelle Decker kept the heat on until the heat got turned up on her when the Meents-owned machine went up in flames less than five laps from the checkered flag.

“I hate it that it happened, we were having a heck of a race there,” Sherrell said.

With Sherrell leading from the drop of the green flag, Blake Edwards moved past Decker for second in the early going with Decker racing back into second by the time a caution flew after 14 laps.

Decker pressured Sherrell the rest of the way, with the Guthrie, OK, racer nearly pulling alongside on several occasions before the powerplant finally let go on the 21st lap.

Sherrell maintained command over the final handful of rounds to post his second POWRi West win of the year aboard his No. 35 with Colorado’s Bob advancing from eighth to post runner-up honors. Cody Brewer captured the show position from tenth with 11th-starter Harli White and C.J. Johnson rounding out the top five.

Sherrell, Johnson and Anton Hernandez topped heat race action for the 22-car field. Hernandez held down fifth in the feature until contact with Shannon McQueen on the 15th lap resulted in a flat left rear. Hernandez rallied back to finish eighth.

“A” Main Finish: 1. 35-Matt Sherrell (1), 2. 2h-Bob Harr (8), 3. 96-Cody Brewer (10), 4. 8h-Harli White (11), 5. 45x-C.J. Johnson (5), 6. 14-Tony Rossi (18), 7. 19-Patrick Stasa (13), 8. 52-Anton Hernandez (6), 9. 31r-David Wheeler (17), 10. 7h-Troy Simpson (7), 11. 91-Jeff Stasa (13), 12. 7-Shannon McQueen (3), 13. 14e-Eric Fenton (15), 14. 21-Ty Hulsey (9), 15. 1ou-A.J. Burns (19), 16. 4m-Michelle Decker (2), 17. 23-Hannah Adair (12), 18. 17e-Blake Edwards (4), 19. 24-Hunter Fischer (14), 20. 27k-Kyle Keeler (22), 21. 76h-Mark Hamilton (21). 22. (DNS) 59-Grady Chandler (16).