Shebester Smokes ’em in Garden City Finale

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (September 3, 2016) – 21 drivers signed in for night 2 of the Midget RoundUp. Fans filled the stands as well as the majority of the outside of the track as pick up loads came for the show.

Heat races would be won by Steven Shebester, Keith Rauch, and Zack Taylor.

After heat races were completed and passing points added, Keith Rauch would be awarded the Integrity Customs High Point driver of the night. With the help of Briggs, a fan from the crowd, Rauch would stay on the pole for the nights 25 lap feature.

Keith Rauch and Steven Shebester would bring the field to green with Shebester gaining the early advantage. Rauch, and Matt Sherrell would give chase. The trio would begin to distance themselves from the field as the nights first caution would fly.

On the restart Sherrell would work his was by Rauch and start to pressure Shebester. A series of yellow flag would bunch up the field allowing Troy Simpson, Brent Rees, and Zack Taylor to close the gap.

Bunched back up Shebester would have a great restart as Sherrell and Rauch would battle for the runner up position. Rauch would take over the spot, and a few laps later the caution would fly.

With only 4 laps remaining Shebester would lead the field back to green with a lap car between him and Rauch. Shebester would stay smooth and steady on the restart and would go on to win his 4th Lucas Oil POWRi West feature. Due to passing a competitor before passing the cone Rauch, would be docked two positions, moving Sherrell to the runner up position, Troy Simpson to 3rd, Rauch and Taylor rounded out the Top 5.

A-Feature Results 1) 82M Steven Shebester 2) 35 Matt Sherrell 3) 7 Troy Simpson 4) 27 Keith Rauch 5) 71 Zac Taylor 6) 10 Lance Bennett 7) 3M Brent Rees 8) 55 Hunter Fischer 9) 5J Jeff Crook 10) 15C Carson Garrett 11) 43 Ryan Orter 12) 12 Chris Sheil 13) 76 Mark Hamilton 14) 84 Shaun Shapel 15) 69 Paul Babich 16) 47 Greg Schaffer 17) 20 Collin Reinhart 18) 16 Ashley Orter 19) 74 Zack Merritt 20) 22 Bobby Gorczyca

RaceBumper. Com Hard Charger: 55 Hunter Fisher
Rod End Supply Hard luck: 76 Mark Hamilton
Mud X Lucky 7: Brent Rees
Integrity Customs High Point Award: Keith Rauch

Saldana Racing Products Heat 1: 82M Steven Shebester
Day Motorsports Heat 2: 27 Keith Rauch
Smith Titanium Heat 3 : 71 Zack Taylor

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