Seavey Scores POWRi Illinois Midget Week Round Three Win

At the end of the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League show at Jacksonville Speedway, Logan Seavey stood victorious for his fourth career win with the League. Seavey’s victory came in the third night of the Sixth Annual POWRi Illinois SPEED Week. Tanner Thorson, the SPEED Week point leader heading into Jacksonville Speedway dropped out with mechanical woes in the feature event, deflating any chances he had of going three-in-a-row.

“Our car was really, really good there,” stated Logan Seavey. “Never like getting into our teammate there, but I felt like I did everything I could there. I’ll watch the video, but I felt like he probably should have crossed me over. If it’s my fault, I take full responsibility…”

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