RJ Johnson Take Summer Showdown Finale

DODGE CITY, Kan. (August 20, 2016) – The weather was perfect as 8 drivers signed on for competition at Dodge City Raceway Park. With a limited number of cars officials decided to run one heat race, then invert the field and run one qualifier.

Heat race action would be won by RJ Johnson, with Don Droud Jr winning the qualifier. With combined passing points RJ Johnson would be awarded the Integrity Customs High point driver of the night.

RJ Johnson and Michelle Decker would bring the field to green. Johnson would jump out to the early lead with Decker and Matt Sherrell in tow. As Johnson would distance himself from the field As Sherrell would begin to challenge Decker for the second spot. Sherrell would make several attempts but Decker would have the advantage as Johnson would take the checkered flag.

A Feature Results1. 51-R.J. Johnson, 2. 4m-Michelle Decker, 3. 35-Matt Sherrell, 4. 44-Don Droud, Jr., 5. 82m-Steven Shebester, 6. 14-Grady Chandler, 7. 56-Mark Chisholm, 8. 17e-Blake Edwards.
Lap leaders: RJ Johnson 1-20

BT Machine/RaceBumper. Com Hard Charger: Grady Chandler +2
Rod End Supply Hard luck; Blake Edwards
Mud X Lucky 7: Mark Chisholm
Integrity Customs High Point Award: RJ Johnson

Saldana Heat 1 : 51 RJ Johnson
Day Motorsports Qualifier: 44 Don Droud Jr

media contact
Ryan “Hoss” Merz