Rauch Makes it Three in a Row

CALHAN, Col. (June 25, 2016) – The RMMRA visited El Paso County Raceway in Calhan, CO for the first time in 2016. With a slight delay due to rain, the heat race action began with Troy Simpson, Zac Taylor, and Brent Rees taking wins in the three heat races.

Nineteen cars made the trip down (the lowest car count of the season and first time under 20!) as the feature event began. Front row starter Keith Rauch jumped to an early lead with the field following suit.

Late in the race while running in the third position, Dustin Weland jumped over the cushion in turns 1 and 2, flipping over the wall. Dustin exited the car unharmed and with minimal damage to the car.

On the restart, Rauch again jumped to the point and would take the checkers ahead of Zac Taylor, Greg Schaefer, Paul Babich, and Ryan Oerter rounding the top five.

Heat 1: Troy Simpson, Bob Harr, Collin Rinehart, Paul Babich, Lance Bennett, Carson Garrett, Bobby Gorczyca

Heat 2: Zac Taylor, Keith Rauch, Greg Schaefer, Ryan Oerter, Ashley Oerter, Larry Bensenberg

Heat 3: Brent Rees, Dustin Weland, Zack Merritt, Mark Hamilton, Mark Bensenberg, Shane Raevis

Feature (25 Laps): Keith Rauch, Zac Taylor, Greg Schaefer, Paul Babich, Ryan Oerter, Zack Merritt, Lance Bennett, Troy Simpson, Bob Harr, Mark Hamilton, Carson Garrett, Collin Rinehart, Ashley Oerter, Bobby Gorczyca, Dustin Weland, Mark Bensenberg, Brent Rees, Shane Raevis, Larry Bensenberg