Rauch Makes it Five Wins in a Row

CALHAN, Colo. (July 4, 2015) – Current point leader Keith Rauch continued his winning ways this past Saturday as the RMMRA returned to El Paso County Raceway. The RMMRA returned to the bull ring in Calhan, CO ready to celebrate Independence Day. The drivers also came with a mission, secure the top spot from Rauch and break his current winning streak.

Starting off the night with heat race action, Rauch was able to secure the top spot in the first heat, while it was Chris Sheil taking the second heat race win.

Unfortunately, after the heat races, the Colorado sky decided to open up which brought heavy rain and cool temps. After a long delay due to the weather and track prep, the drivers geared up for the feature.

The feature began with intense battles throughout the pack.   The thrill of the night saw Bob Harr come from the seventh starting spot and holding off Keith Rauch for the majority of the race.

Unfortunately the race would be shortened due to wet track conditions. After getting the white flag, Harr would enter into turn 1 and uncontrollably hopped, upsetting the car enough for Keith Rauch to get underneath coming out of turn 2. This would be the opening he needed to continue onto the checkered flags and secure another win in 2015. It looks like the bounty was not collected so the RMMRA will be continuing onto Butch Speicher’s I-76 Speedway on July 18th with higher stakes!

Results: Heat One (8 Laps) – Keith Rauch, Bob Harr, Ryan Oerter, Larry Bensenberg, Greg Schaefer, Ashley Oerter (R), Mark Hamilton (R) (DNF), Dustin Weland (DNS)

Heat Two (8 Laps) – Chris Sheil, Zack Merritt (R), Colin Reinhart, Jon Nicklin (R), Josh Hansen (R), Shane Reavis (R), Lance Bennett (DNF), Troy Simpson (R) (DNS)

“A” Feature (20 Laps) – Keith Rauch, Bob Harr, Ryan Oerter, Chris Sheil, Troy Simpson (R), Mark Hamilton (R), Larry Bensenberg, Colin Reinhart, Josh Hansen (R), Greg Schaefer, Ashley Oerter (R), Zack Merritt (R) (DNF), Jon Nicklin (R) (DNF), Shane Reavis (R) (DNS), Lance Bennett (DNS), Dustin Weland (DNS)