Rauch Keeps Rolling in the Rockies

CALHAN, Col. (June 27, 2015) – The RMMRA’s best gave it their all but came up just short to break the current winning streak set by Keith Rauch. On Saturday, June 27th the RMMRA made their first appearance of the season in Calhan, CO at El Paso County Raceway. The RMMRA again brought a stout field of cars and started off with heat race action. The first heat saw Greg Schaefer pilot the Cappy Mason owned Spike/Pink Ford to the win over Bob Harr, Lance Bennett, Dustin Weland, an d Ryan Oerter rounding the top five. In the second heat, current point leader Keith Rauch took the win over Mark Chisholm, Chris Sheil, and a pair of Rookie of the Year contenders Zack Merritt, and Troy Simpson.

Later in the night, a reworked race track provided an action packed in the Main Event. Heat race winners rolled a five row inversion so Schaefer and Rauch had their work cut out for them. An early race caution flew for a spin from Chris Sheil, unfortunately collecting Mark Chisholm and Mark Hamilton. Sheil and Hamilton were able to restart in 13th and 14th spots respectively while Chisholm would be done for the night. The feature would remain green for the duration of the race and provided the Calhan, CO fans and it would be Rauch making his way from a 10th place starting spot to battle tight with eventual second place finisher Dustin Weland and early race leader Ryan Oerter. At the stripe, the top five would be Rauch, Weland, Oerter, Sheil, and rookie Zack Merritt.


Heat One (8 Laps) – Greg Schaefer, Bob Harr, Lance Bennett, Dustin Weiland, Ryan Oerter, Colin Reinhart, Ashley Oerter (R), Jon Nicklin (R)

Heat Two (8 Laps) – Keith Rauch, Mark Chisholm, Chris Sheil, Zack Merritt (R), Troy Simpson (R), Mark Hamilton (R), Josh Hansen (R)

“A” Feature (20 Laps) – Keith Rauch, Dustin Weiland, Ryan Oerter, Chris Sheil, Zack Merritt (R), Greg Schaefer, Lance Bennett, Bob Harr, Troy Simpson (R), Mark Hamilton (R), Colin Reinhart, Josh Hansen (R), Ashley Oerter (R), Mark Chisholm (DNF), Jon Nicklin (R) (DNS)