POWRi West Introduces Another New Winner – Hulsey Takes the Port

Tulsa, Okla. (July 25, 2015) – It was a hot afternoon at Port City Raceway but that didn’t stop 24 entries from making the trip to race with the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series. Track promoter Aaron Lemmons and crew had the track in great shape for action packed racing.

After heat race’s were completed and passing points tallied, it would be last weeks winner Grady Chandler, and Alex Sewell starting on the front row. Both drivers would be given the option of the Front Row Challenge presented by Johnathan Halford of South Pointe Chevrolet and Southside Mowers offering an additional $500 if they would tag the back of the A-Feature, and then won the nights 25 lap main. Both drivers thanked Johnathan and Southside Mowers for the offer but graciously declined.

Off the start Chandler wouldn’t waste any time pulling out to an early lead with the 21 of Ty Hulsey in tow. An early red would be thrown for a flipped 1OU of AJ Burns. Burns would be put back onto all 4’s. Problems with the Sooner One Racing entry would side line the team fro the rest of the event.

A complete restart with the same result of Chandler, and Hulsey pulling in front of the field with McDougal, Decker and Sewell in tow. The 73 of Jason McDougal would do all he could working the top of the track in efforts to charge to the front while Michelle Decker would keep the 4M smooth and fast around the bottom holding the 3rd position.

As the race went on Chandler and Hulsey would pull away from the pack with tight racing going on throughout the top 10. A mid race caution would fly for a tangled Hannah Adair, and Jacob Davis coming to a stop on the exit of turn 4.

The top 5 on the nights final restart would be Chandler, Hulsey, Decker, McDougal, and Sewell. Once again Chandler and Hulsey would have an exceptional restart and within a few laps the top two would find themselves catching lap traffic. The two would maneuver past the first couple of cars before Chandler would make a move to the top in attempt to pass two cars. Hulsey would stay committed to the bottom and pull of the pass for the lead off of turn 2.

Hulsey wouldn’t look back as he went on to win his first career midget win with the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series. Grady Chandler would settle for second with Michelle Decker finishing 3rd, Hunter Fischer crossing the line 4th and a hard charging Matt Sherrell rounding out the top 5.

After the feature when asked about the A-Feature Ty replied, “Well we got a really good start with Grady we both kinda checked out on the bottom, looked like nobody really had anything on the top, so I was just being patient on the bottom. Then we had a caution and they came over the race-ciever and told us we had 22 to go, so I knew I had to be patient and pick my move on him. Well then we came up on lap traffic and I was thinking to my self one of us is gonna have to come up to the top here and he shot to the top and it let me get by him on the bottom, then I just had to work my lap traffic, stay smooth and hope that nobody challenged me for the lead. You know winning here on my home track, in front of this crowd, with the entire crew and family here, this is pretty special.”

Total Comm 25 lap A-Feature:
1) 21-Ty Hulsey 2) 59- Grady Chandler 3) 4M- Michelle Decker 4) 24 Hunter Fischer 5) 35- Matt Sherrell 6) 93K- Riley Kreisel 7) 15D- Andrew Deal 8) 14B- Blake Edwards 9) 14E- Eric Fenton 10) 8- Alex Sewell 11) 3T- Colton Slack 12) 52- Anton Hernandez 13) 9$- Kyle Clark 14) 16- Nigel Calvert 15) 30T- Larry Bratti 16) 87C – Colby Hughes 17) 62- Jacob Davis 18) 1- Bobby Brewer 19) 73- Jason McDougal 20) 23- Hannah Adair 21) 1OU- AJ Burns 22) 12M- Jay Mounce

Contingency Winners:

Shock Doc Heat #1: Jason McDougal
Team FFMMP Heat #2: Kyle Clark
Rod End Supply Heat #3: Alex Sewell

5th place Rod End Supply-Matt Sherrell
7th place Dirty Knuckle Garage Clothing-Andrew Deal
9th- Total Comm – Eric Fenton
11th place Autoglass Unlimited – Colton Slack
13th place Dirty Knuckle Garage Clothing- Kyle Clark
15th place Mud X – Larry Bratti
17th place Shock Doc- Jacob Davis
20th place Autoglass Unlimited -Hannah Adair
Factor 1 Hard Charger – Matt Sherrell +17
Race Bumper Hard Luck Award – Jay Mounce

Next up:
Co-Sanction with POWRi National
Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55
Pevley, Missouri
August 7th & 8th

Media Contact:
Ryan Hoss Merz
Photos courtesy of MB Photos