Pickens Tops Boxing Day Bash!

AUCKLAND, N.Z. (December 26, 2019) – Michael Pickens kicked off the International Midget Series by racing to victory lane in Thursday night’s 30-lap “Boxing Day Bash” at Western Springs Speedway.

While the eight-time New Zealand champion took the top spot, Zach Daum led the U.S. racers with a runner-up finish while Aussie Kaidon Brown rounded out the podium in third.

Pickens gridded the feature event on the front row but it was Peter Hunnibell breaking out into the early lead.  The duo traded sliders for several laps before Pickens took command at the midway point and then led the rest of the way for the victory.

Pickens withstood one caution with four laps to go and then a last-lap melee that eliminated top-five contenders Tyler Courtney ad Zeb Wise.  Courtney had rallied from the tail of the field after transferring from “B” Main action.

Kyle Larson and Christopher Bell both flipped earlier in the night and did not make into the feature field.

Pickens flashed underneath the checkered flag ahead of Daum and Brown with Max Guilford and Brock Maskovich rounding out the top five.

Boxing Day Bash – Western Spring Speedway, December 26, 2019 Feature Finish:

  1. 1nz-Michael Pickens
  2. 9usa-Zach Daum
  3. 97aus-Kaidon Brown
  4. 79a-Max Guilford
  5. 5a-Brock Maskovich
  6. 91a-Hayden Guptill
  7. 39a-Peter Hunnibell
  8. 7usa-Tyler Courtney
  9. 10usa-Logan Seavey
  10. 4usa-Zeb Wise
  11. 3nz-Shayne Allach
  12. 10aus-Travis Mills
  13. 98a-Ryan O’Connor
  14. 18a-Brett Jnr Morris
  15. 99a-Nathan Howard
  16. 57aus-Robert Heard
  17. 33a-James Cossey
  18. 25aus-Aaron Hodgson (DNF)
  19. 27a-Hayden Williams (DNF)
  20. 5usa-Chris Windom (DNF)