Midget Racing – 2016 Master Schedule…

February 25, 2016 – The Midget racing season annually kicks off with Tulsa’s Chili Bowl Midget Nationals. The balance of the remaining 176 currently scheduled races gets under way with next weekend’s Red River Roundup at Red River Speedway in Wichita Falls, TX, featuring the POWRi West Midgets.

The current schedules of open Midgets (USAC, POWRi, ARDC, BCRA, RMMRA, etc.), not including Division II or Sportsman Midgets, includes a total of 181 events at 73 different racetracks throughout 14 different states.

While March gets underway with the POWRi West double at Red River Speedway, action continues with USAC Midgets at Du Quoin’s Southern Illinois Center on March 19 and then USAC Western Midgets joining in on the World of Outlaws card at Placerville on March 23.

The 2016 schedule of Midget events….

Jan 12Tulsa Expo RacewayTulsaOKChili Bowl85Alex Bright
Jan 13Tulsa Expo RacewayTulsaOKChili Bowl81Rico Abreu
Jan 14Tulsa Expo RacewayTulsaOKChili Bowl84Christopher Bell
Jan 15Tulsa Expo RacewayTulsaOKChili Bowl85Bryan Clauson
Jan 16Tulsa Expo RacewayTulsaOKChili Bowl335Rico Abreu
Mar 4Red River SpeedwayWichita FallsTXPOWRi West38Tanner Thorson
Mar 5Red River SpeedwayWichita FallsTXPOWRi West34Austin Brown
Mar 19Southern Illinois CenterDu QuoinILUSAC54Shane Golobic
Mar 23Placerville SpeedwayPlacervilleCAUSAC WS22Ronnie Gardner
Apr 1Port City RacewayTulsaOKPOWRi52Matt Sherrell
Apr 2Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial SpeedwayNewmanstownPAARDC20Alex Bright
Apr 2Madera SpeedwayMaderaCABCRA9Nick Chivello
Apr 2Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeeklyRAINED OUT
Apr 2Port City RacewayTulsaOKPOWRi51Jason McDougal
Apr 2Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS21J.D. Black
Apr 8Kokomo SpeedwayKokomoINUSACRAINED OUT
Apr 9Kokomo SpeedwayKokomoINUSACRAINED OUT
Apr 9Thunderbowl RacewayTulareCAUSAC WSRAINED OUT
Apr 15Outlaw Motor SpeedwayWainwrightOKPOWRi West17Matt Sherrell
Apr 16I-30 SpeedwayLittle RockARPOWRi West19Steven Shebester
Apr 16Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly24Gage Walker
Apr 16Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAARDC17Brenden Bright
Apr 16Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS19Riley Kreisel
Apr 22Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonvilleILPOWRi
Apr 22Linda's SpeedwayJonestownPAARDC
Apr 23Ephrata Raceway ParkEphrataWAWMRA
Apr 23Macon SpeedwayMaconILPOWRi
Apr 23Reno Fernley SpeedwayFernleyNVBCRA
Apr 29Belle-Clair SpeedwayBellevilleILPOWRi
Apr 29RPM SpeedwayCrandallTXPOWRi West
Apr 30Bakersfield SpeedwayBakersfieldCAUSAC WS
Apr 30Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55PevelyMOPOWRi
Apr 30Superbowl SpeedwayGreenvilleTXPOWRi West
Apr 30Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAARDC
Apr 30Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
May 6Linda's SpeedwayJonestownPAARDC
May 6Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOPOWRi
May 7I-76 SpeedwayFort MorganCORMMRA
May 7Lucas Oil SpeedwayWheatlandMOPOWRi
May 7Madera SpeedwayMaderaCABCRA
May 7Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly
May 13Big Diamond SpeedwayMinservillePAARDC
Mar 14Agassiz SpeedwayAgassizBCWMRA
May 14Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
May 20Boyd RacewayBoydTXPOWRi West
May 20Fayette County SpeedwayBrownstownILPOWRi
May 21Abilene SpeedwayAbileneTXPOWRi West
May 21I-76 SpeedwayFort MorganCORMMRA
May 21Macon SpeedwayMaconILPOWRi
May 21Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly
May 21Ukiah SpeedwayUkiahCABCRA
May 21Ventura RacewayVenturaCAUSAC WS
May 28South Sound SpeedwayRochesterWAWMRA
May 28Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAARDC
May 28Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
May 31Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINUSAC
Jun 1Gas City I-69 SpeedwayGas CityINUSAC
Jun 2Lincoln Park SpeedwayPutnamvilleINUSAC
Jun 3Bloomington SpeedwayBloomingtonINUSAC
Jun 3Creek County SpeedwaySapulpaOKPOWRi West
Jun 3Ocean SpeedwayWatsonvilleCABCRA
Jun 4Bakersfield SpeedwayBakersfieldCAUSAC WS
Jun 4Lawrenceburg SpeedwayLawrenceburgINUSAC
Jun 4Red River SpeedwayWichita FallsTXPOWRi West
Jun 5Kokomo SpeedwayKokomoINUSAC
Jun 8Belle-Clair SpeedwayBellevilleILPOWRi
Jun 9Quincy RacewaysQuincyILPOWRi
Jun 10Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonvilleILPOWRi
Jun 10Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburgPAARDC
Jun 11Agassiz SpeedwayAgassizBCWMRA
Jun 11Macon SpeedwayMaconILPOWRi
Jun 11Petaluma SpeedwayPetalumaCABCRA
Jun 11Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Jun 12Lincoln SpeedwayLincolnILPOWRi
Jun 12Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAARDC
Jun 17Phillips County RacewayHolyokeCORMMRA
Jun 17Riverside International SpeedwayW. MemphisARUSAC
Jun 18I-76 SpeedwayFort MorganCORMMRA
Jun 18Marysville RacewayMarysvilleCABCRA
Jun 18Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly
Jun 18Riverside International SpeedwayW. MemphisARUSAC
Jun 18Springfield RacewaySpringfieldMOPOWRi West
Jun 24Belle-Clair SpeedwayBellevilleILPOWRi
Jun 24Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Jun 25El Paso County RacewayCalhanCORMMRA
Jun 25Kings SpeedwayHanfordCAUSAC WS
Jun 25Lawton SpeedwayLawtonOKPOWRi West
Jun 25South Sound SpeedwayRochesterWAWMRA
Jun 25St. Francois County RacewayFarmingtonMOPOWRi
Jun 25Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Jul 1Linda's SpeedwayJonestownPAARDC
Jul 2Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial SpeedwayNewmanstownPAARDC
Jul 2Macon SpeedwayMaconILPOWRi
Jul 2Placerville SpeedwayPlacervilleCABCRA
Jul 3Angell Park SpeedwaySun PrairieWIPOWRi
Jul 9I-44 Riverside SpeedwayOklahoma CityOKPOWRi West
Jul 9Madera SpeedwayMaderaCABCRA
Jul 9South Sound SpeedwayRochesterWAWMRA
Jul 9Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Jul 15Belle-Clair SpeedwayBellevilleILPOWRi
Jul 16Fairbury American Legion SpeedwayFairburyILPOWRi
Jul 16I-76 SpeedwayFort MorganCORMMRA
Jul 16Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly
Jul 16Petaluma SpeedwayPetalumaCAUSAC WS
Jul 16Petaluma SpeedwayPetalumaCABCRA
Jul 23Placerville SpeedwayPlacervilleCABCRA
Jul 23Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Jul 29Big Diamond SpeedwayMinservillePAARDC
Jul 29Lamar SpeedwayLamarCORMMRA
Jul 30Lamar SpeedwayLamarCORMMRA
Jul 30Port City RacewayTulsaOKPOWRi West
Jul 30Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAARDC
Jul 31Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAARDC
Aug 2Jefferson County SpeedwayFairburyNEUSAC
Aug 3Solomon Valley RacewayBeloitKSUSAC
Aug 5Belleville High BanksBellevilleKSUSAC
Aug 5Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55PevelyMOPOWRi
Aug 6Belleville High BanksBellevilleKSUSAC
Aug 6Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55PevelyMOPOWRi
Aug 6Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly
Aug 6Stockton 99 PavementStocktonCABCRA
Aug 6Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Aug 13Lakeport SpeedwayLakeportCABCRA
Aug 14Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAUSAC/ARDC
Aug 15Path Valley Speedway ParkSpring RunPAUSAC/ARDC
Aug 16Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial SpeedwayNewmanstownPAUSAC/ARDC
Aug 17Lawton SpeedwayLawtonOKPOWRi West
Aug 17Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstownPAUSAC/ARDC
Aug 18Creek County SpeedwaySapulpaOKPOWRi West
Aug 981 SpeedwayWichitaKSPOWRi West
Aug 19Lincoln SpeedwayLincolnILPOWRi
Aug 19Linda's SpeedwayJonestownPAARDC
Aug 20Dodge City Raceway ParkDodge CityKSPOWRi West
Aug 20Macon SpeedwayMacon ILPOWRi
Aug 20Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly
Aug 20Placerville SpeedwayPlacervilleCABCRA
Aug 20Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Aug 27El Paso County RacewayCalhanCORMMRA
Aug 27Stockton Dirt Track (T)StocktonCABCRA
Aug 27Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAARDC
Aug 27Wenatchee Valley Super OvalEast WenatcheeWAWMRA
Sep 2Airport RacewayGarden CityKSPOWRi W/RMMRA
Sep 3Airport RacewayGarden CityKSPOWRi W/RMMRA
Sep 3Calistoga SpeedwayCalistogaCAUSAC WS
Sep 3Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly
Sep 3Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Sep 4Calistoga SpeedwayCalistogaCAUSAC WS
Sep 8Silver Dollar SpeedwayChicoCAUSAC WS / BCRA
Sep 9Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonvilleILPOWRi
Sep 9Linda's SpeedwayJonestownPAARDC
Sep 10Agassiz SpeedwayAgassizBCWMRA
Sep 10Spoon River SpeedwayCantonILPOWRi
Sep 17I-30 SpeedwayLittle RockARPOWRi West
Sep 17I-76 SpeedwayFort MorganCORMMRA
Sep 17Madera SpeedwayMaderaCABCRA
Sep 17Montpelier Motor SpeedwayMontpelierINWeekly
Sep 17Santa Maria SpeedwaySanta MariaCAUSAC WS
Sep 17Susquehanna SpeedwayYork HavenPAARDC
Sep 17Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Sep 24Eldora SpeedwayRossburgOHUSAC
Sep 24Placerville SpeedwayPlacervilleCABCRA
Sep 24South Sound SpeedwayRochesterWAWMRA
Sep 30Belle-Clair SpeedwayBellevilleILPOWRi
Sep 30Gas City I-69 SpeedwayGas CityINWeekly
Sep 30Linda's SpeedwayJonestownPAARDC
Oct 1Belle-Clair SpeedwayBellevilleILPOWRi
Oct 1Madera SpeedwayMaderaCABCRA
Oct 1Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Oct 6Tri-City SpeedwayGranite CityILUSAC
Oct 7Tri-City SpeedwayGranite CityILUSAC
Oct 8RPM SpeedwayCrandallTXPOWRi West
Oct 8Thunderbowl RacewayTulareCAUSAC WS
Oct 8Tri-City SpeedwayGranite CityILUSAC
Oct 15Stockton Dirt Track (T)StocktonCABCRA
Oct 15Valley SpeedwayGrain ValleyMOASMS
Oct 21Wayne County SpeedwayWayne CityILUSAC/POWRi
Oct 22Boyd RacewayBoydTXPOWRi West
Oct 28Red River SpeedwayWichita FallsTXPOWRi West
Oct 29Red River SpeedwayWichita FallsTXPOWRi West
Oct 29Ventura RacewayVenturaCAUSAC WS
Nov 19Bakersfield SpeedwayBakersfieldCAUSAC WS
Nov 24Ventura RacewayVenturaCAUSAC/WS