McDougal Masters Creek County

SAPULPA, Okla. (August 18, 2016) – On a beautiful afternoon in Kellyville, Oklahoma 26 drivers signed in for night 2 of the Summer Showdown at Creek County Speedway.

The three heat races would be won by Jason McDougal, Kevin Bayer and Jonathan Beason. With a run from 6th to 1st in his heat race, Jonathan Beason would be awarded the Integrity Customs high point driver of the night. After a roll of the dice landed on a 6 Jonathan would be moved from the front row to the third row.

Kevin Bayer and Michelle Decker would pace the field toward green with Bayer getting the early jump. With Chance Morton, Michelle Decker, Matt Sherrell and Jonathan Beason all giving chase, Bayer would keep a sizable lead for a few laps before Sherrell would work his way to the front and challenge for the lead.

With a great run off turn 2 Sherrell would take over the lead as Jason McDougal made his way to the 3rd spot. With 18 laps down McDougal would take over the lead and never look back. Behind him the battle for second was in full force with Beason holding of Sherrell but with a dicey move in turn 2 Sherrell would it past Beason. McDougal would go on to win followed by Sherrell, Beason, Matt Moore, and Blake Edwards rounding out the top 5.

A-Feature Results.
1) 73 Jason McDougal 2) 35 Matt Sherrell 3) 8j Jonathan Beason 4) 9 Matt Moore 5)17e Blake Edwards 6) 7m Chance Morton 7) 4m Michelle Decker 8) 82M Steven Shebester 9) 8k Frank Flud 10) 21 Ty Hulsey 11) 52 Blake Hahn 12) 51 RJ Johnson 13) 2s Travis Scott 14) 3t Blake Battles 15) 4c Shane Sellers 16) 91 Kevin Bayer 17) 15d Andrew Deal 18) 14e Grady Chandler 19) 8 Alex Sewell 20) 92 Austin Lamber 21) 83 Shane Weeks

BT Machine/RaceBumper. Com Hard Charger: Blake Edwards
Rod End Supply Hard luck; Grady Chandler
Mud X Lucky 7: 4M Michelle Decker
Integrity Customs High Point Award: Jonathan Beason

Saldana Heat 1 : 73 Jason McDougal
Day Motorsports Heat 2: 91 Kevin Bayer
Smith Titanium Heat 3: 8j Jonathan Beason