Lamb Lands First All Star Midget Win

WINSTON, Mo. (June 25, 2016) – It was a night of firsts as the Allstar Midget Series paid their first visit to I-35 Speedway. The Winston, Missouri, dirt track would also become the first Allstar venue where Merril Lamb would find victory lane in first position.

And It was the first victory for his car owners in the series, Ray and Sandy Boyles, who after winning three SMRS championships, and countless feature wins over the years, came home once again in first in the Allstar series.

The feature win was not a easy one though as first Chad Frewaldt, seeking his first win in 2016 in the series, and later Broc Hunnell, would dog the Iola, Kansas, racer throughout the feature. Hunnell would come home in second, followed by Dustin Gilbert, Rick Murcko, and Robert Bell. The Allstars return to action next Saturday night at CMS Speedway in Warrensburg.

A Feature: 1. 7rs-Merril Lamb, 2. 73-Broc Hunnell, 3. 3-Dustin Gilbert, 4. 48m-Rick Murcko, 5. 71-Robert Bell, 6. 926-Morgan Frewaldt, 7. 15h-Tony Hudlin, 8. 4F-Chad Frewaldt, 9. 77-Paden Moreland, 10. 08-Mike Epperson.