Kreisel Captures All Star Midget Win

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. (June 24, 2016) – It was a great night of racing for the Allstar series Friday night as Riley Kreisel took the King of KC belt, and the feature win. For the sixteen year old speedster it was his third win this year in the Allstar Midget series, and came in exciting fashion as the Warsaw driver beat Chad Frewaldt of Kansas City, and Don Droud of Lincoln, NE for the win.  Broc Hunnell would come home fourth, and Luke Howard fifth.

The racing was hot and heavy throughout the main event, and featured several changes for position, including early, when Kresiel, and Kory Schudy duked it out for the lead. Unfortunately a overheating issue stymied the Springfield drivers night, and Schudy dropped out near the half way point.

Meanwhile Kresiel started to gain some ground on the field, as a battle raged for second between Frewaldt and Droud. The two combatants went at it hard, and as the cars came out of four for the checkered flag Frewaldt beat Droud by the smallest of margins.

Seventeen cars were on hand for the nights races as Kresiel, Frewaldt. and Schudy all took heat wins before the finale. Tonight the Allstar Series will visit the I-35 Speedway in Winston, Missouri for their first race there in 2016.

A Feature:  1. 93k-Riley Kreisel, 2. 4F-Chad Frewaldt, 3. 44-Don Droud, Jr., 4. 73-Broc Hunnell, 5. 2L-Luke Howard, 6. 7rs-Merril Lamb, 7. 48m-Rick Murcko, 8. 3-Dustin Gilbert, 9. 13-Clint Woolbright, 10. 926-Morgan Frewaldt, 11. 71-Robert Bell, 12. 08-Mike Epperson, 13. 15h-Tony Hudlin, 14. 28-Kory Schudy, 15. 0b-Shawn Gleeson, 16. 0-Johnny Murdock, 17. 84-Phil Shapel.