Kory Schudy Captures Allstar Midget Honors

WARRENSBURG, Mo. (August 27, 2016) – Kory Schudy of Springfield won his first Allstar Midget feature of 2016 at Central Missouri Speedway on Saturday night.  The win halted fellow Springfield area racer Wesley Smith’s win streak at the Warrensburg oval at three in a row.

Though Schudy hadn’t won yet this year in Allstar competition, he was however familiar with “Parking It” in victory lane at the Central Missouri track as he had victories in both 2014 and 2015 at the Earl Walls facility with the Allstar series.

Kellen Conover is the unofficial runner-up after a checkered/caution finish has created some confusion with Riley Kreisel, Austin Lambert and Wesley Smith among the preliminary top five.

(Photo courtesy of High Fly’N Photos)

“A” Main Results:  1. 28-Kory Schudy, 2. 76-Kellen Conover, 3. 93k-Riley Kreisel, 4. 92-Austin Lambert, 5. 44-Wesley Smith, 6. 93-Trey Lambert, 7. 48m-Rick Murcko, 8. 7rs-Merril Lamb, 9. 01-Bobby Layne, 10. 71.5-Robert Bell, 11. 58L-Barry Lamb, 12. 10-Jason Walls, 13. 15m-Tony Hudlin, 14. 77-Paden Moreland, 15. 08-Mike Epperson, 16. 8s-Bird Schofield.