Golobic Garners BCRA Honors at Placerville

PLACERVILLE, Cal. (August 1, 2015) – The BCRA Midget feature event started off with Stockton’s Nick Chivello taking the lead off the outside of the front row. Chivello led the first three laps until Golobic, who started third, muscled into second place to challenge for the lead. Golobic made his first attempt on the front stretch of lap three only to have Chivello answer back and power back into the lead. Once lap later, Golobic muscled off the fourth turn to power into the lead in the same spot.

Once in front, Golobic worked his way into a strong lead and began lapping traffic with 13 laps complete. Frank Guerrini of San Rafael powered into second place to distantly challenge the leader with Taylor Simas in his wake.
With 22 laps down a red flag flew when multiple cars collided in the first and second turns and resulted in a red flag when Taylor Simas of Santa Rosa went upside down. Once the event was restarted, Golobic continued his dominance as Cory Elliot of Bakersfield and Chivello muscled back into second place to battle with Guerrini for the final laps. At the line it was Golobic, Cory Elliot of Bakersfied, Chivello and Guerinni.

“I had a great car to drive tonight, they made my job pretty easy,” said Golobic. “We got out in front pretty early and were able to work into the lapped traffic and a good lead. I wanted to win in the sprint cars tonight too but that just didn’t happen tonight. Maybe that saves our luck for next week with the big race, I don’t know. I just want to thank this whole team tonight. Doug Bock provides a great car and crew and I appreciate all they do for me.”

Feature Finish:  1. 26-Shane Golobic, 2. 11e-Cory Elliott, 3. 27-Nick Chivello, 4. 63-Frankie Guerrini, 5. 88-Brian Gard, 6. 31-Scott Pierovich, 7. 35f-Michael Faccinto, 8. 8x-Randi Pankratz, 9. 62-Taylor Simas, 10. 14-Barry Pries, Jr., 11. 25g-Dustin Golobic, 12. 11f-Floyd Alvis, 13. 35w-Nate Wait, 14. 57-Maria Cofer, 15. 55-Gary Conterno, 16. 9-Michael Donaldson, 17. 74-J.R. Williams, 18. 67-Britton Bock, 19. 11-Geoff Ensign, 20. 8-Bill Lindsey.