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Focus Midget Power Steering Help

14 May 2014 - 10:19 AM

We started using power steering in our new midget for first time and have encountered steering issues from day one. Steering is difficult to turn and in the turns it feels like there is a flat spot. There does not appear to be anything binding in the suspension.


The Gear is a right side KSE. The pump is KRC with a tandem fuel pump, and the reservoir tank is remote mounted to firewall. I read on KSE's website that the tanks must be vented. Ours is a sealed cap, but is listed on Speedwaymotors as a "sprint car PS tank". KSE also says, the return line must enter the tank below the fluid level. Ours does not since the return on the tank is right near the top of the tank - we would have to completely fill the tank.


Can anyone share there knowledge on this and confirm what I read on KSE's website? I think we might be doing something fundamentally wrong.