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Race Car Trailer Stolen

31 July 2012 - 03:41 AM

Race Car trailer stolen from Mesquite, Texas, Monday, July 30th around noon. It is a 24' long trailer - green with white doors and top and 3 vertical windows on the right side and an a/c unit on the top towards the front. Ser #54210880. It also seems to have some aluminun repair on the right front. I'm still trying to figure out how to post a photo of it. It also has a canopy on the right side. It has Elva Logos (that's a British car - but we're all racers) on the front and back. The owner just got out of the hospital after breaking his neck on May 19th in a race... still has a lot of recovery and rehab to do at home. His friend securing the trailer had taken a lot of precautions so they think maybe a wrecker got it. Just please keep an eye out for this unusual trailer. Thanks.

Brady Bacon tops 66 midgets @ Cowtown

17 March 2012 - 03:37 AM

Brady Bacon tops 66 midgets @ Cowtown POWRi & RMMRA Season Opener

Brady Bacon was hounded by Tyler Courtney for about 27 laps of the A main until Tyler slid high in corner 2 and fell back - but managed to bet back to 4th.

I can't find results anywere so all of this is unofficial. Great racing all night even tho' the track went dry slick. As far as I know the A feature finish (start) was 1. (1) Brady Bacon, 2. (5)Casey Shuman, 3.(12)Rico Abreau, 4. (3)Tyler Courtney, 5.(24) Danny Stratton (I always highlight the driver who passed the most cars), 6. (14) Dave Darland. 7.(13) Darin Hagin, 8. (18) Caleb Armstrong.

Forgive me if I get names wrong or don't get the spelling right. The A was a dogfight throughout the ranks. Most of the heats had position changes on the last lap - several for first. Exciting racing all night long.

7 Heats - winners: Luke Icke, Andrew Felker, Rico Abreau (at the wire over Caleb Armstrong), Casey Shuman, Brad Kuhn, Zach Daum, Don Droud. C feature winner Chris Bell. 2 B's: Chris Gherke, Caleb Armstrong.

Hopefully someone will come on here with official complete results shortly (maybe even by the time I get this posted).