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Aussie Watch 2

Aussie Watch 2

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Lance new Aussie Champ, Clayden 2, USA Shuman 3rd!

09 February 2013 - 03:39 PM


Neville Lance Australia #1!
Author: Scott Beattie

After years of trying and numerous close finishes, Neville Lance has finally broken the hoodoo and claimed the Australian Championship tonight at the Perth Motorplex.

As Lance crossed the finish line the crowd stood and cheered, many wiping away tears of joy and the crowd in the pits after the race around his transporter was huge.

Its about bloody time! Lance said We were really good all weekend, and its a good feeling to win at home in front of the home crowd; it just cant get any better. After last night where we tried some things that didnt work in the feature we made some calls and Geoff Murphy just did so much for us.

The night once again saw the Speedcars demonstrate why they are fast becoming popular once more, with some incredible races and close finishes.

Heat One After last nights tumble, Ryan Jones was forced out of the N93 machine and instead was offered the drive in Perry Farcichs #18. The opening heat saw him on the front row, though he lost the points he had accumulated the night before. It was Mills who drove through the middle of the front row to shoot into the lead while Adam Clarke came from the back row to race into fourth place, then a lap later he moved under Lee Redmond for third. At half race distance the yellows came out for Redmond who had stopped in turn two and as the field lined up Rob Golding continued his terrible run of luck, being forced infield with front end issues. Mills led the restart from Clarke and Jones and the only change came late in the race with Lake passing for third place.

Heat Two Heat two was a start to finish race, with Lance blasting straight into the lead followed by Clayden who started on row two. Shuman quickly moved under Mears for third and from here the order did not change.

Heat Three Glazebrook and Brown started on the front row for the final preliminary and the two spent much of the first lap side by side. Brown got the slight advantage coming out of the turn four and slightly pulled away from Glazebrook. From here Brown was able to build his lead while Manders attempted to chase down Glazebrook for second. At the fall of the chequers Brown crossed first while Glazebrook was able to hold off Manders for second.

Pole Shuffle In an awesome display of racing Scott Glazebrook, who had been seventh on points disposed of Redmond, Lake, Clarke, Shuman and Mills. Neville Lance then came out and he had Glazebrooks number, handing him his first defeat and then went on to defeat Brown for pole position.

Feature Race After twelve heats across two nights, twenty five cars greeted the green flag for the start of the all important forty lap feature race. Brown and Lance immediately battled for the lead, with Brown winning early before the yellows come out for Travis Mills who spun in turn four of the opening lap. A complete restart saw Lance this time get the jump but again the yellows came on after Bryn Lake spun and was collected by Dean Merrylees. Clayden then took evasive action and spun his car to avoid contact. As the field regrouped Scott Glazebrook headed infield and ended any chance of taking home the crown.

Take number three and Lance again took the lead while Brown and Shuman fought for second place. Brown pulled back into Lance and looked underneath him but Lance was able to hold on. From here Lance began to pull away and had begun to battle lapped traffic before the yellows came out with twenty five laps remaining.

Lance again led away at the restart and Brown once more looked for a way through. Meanwhile Mills and Clarke were battling it out for third, with Mills riding the wall but continuing on. Brown took the lead from Lance with eighteen to go in turn two and started to pull away while Clarke disposed of Shuman and set out after the leading duo. Lance fought back and sat right on Browns tail with fifteen to go as Mills hit the wall and headed infield. Clarke then also pulled out, handing third to Shuman while Lance and Brown continued to battle it out for the lead. The duo came up on a group of three lapped cars and lance had enough speed to take the lead with just ten to go. The two made contact a number of times as they battled it out, neither giving an inch, until once again the yellows came on.

As the field reformed, Brown suddenly stopped in turn three, having turned the ignition off after trying to adjust his shocks and was consequently sent to the rear. This allowed Daryl Clayden into second after having started way back in the field, while Kingshott, who also started at the rear was in fourth. Just as he worked his way around Shuman for third, he too suffered dramas and headed infield. Try as he might, Clayden just didnt quite have anything for Lance and was forced to settle for second; lance claiming his first win in the race that had eluded him over many years, while Shuman came home fourth.

A huge congratulations to all involved in the title; all the drivers and their families and crews, as well as all the sponsors, particularly KTEQ Rentals, as well as all those involved with WASDA and the Perth Motorplex that made this huge event such a success. It was a great weekend and all involved deserve a huge pat on the back. Also huge congratulations to Neville Lance!

Release by Scott Beattie for Fastrax Media.

Official Results
Heat One 1st Travis Mills, 2nd Adam Clarke, 3rd Bryn Lake, 4th Ryan Jones, 5th Alex Bright, 6th Chris Telenta. DNF: Rob Golding, Lee Redmond, Andy Pearce.

Heat Two: 1st Neville Lance, 2nd Daryl Clayden, 3rd Casey Shuman, 4th Paul Robinson, 5th Glen Mears, 6th Steven Henderson, 7th Philip Jeffreys. DNS: Travis White, Perry Farcich.

Heat Three 1st Mark Brown, 2nd Scott Glazebrook, 3rd Vaughan Manders, 4th Dayne Kingshott, 5th Daniel Golding, 6th Alfonso Guadagnino, 7th Dean Merrylees, 8th Bob Goddard, 9th Karl Prall.

Pole Shuffle: Glazebrook defeats Redmond, Glazebrook defeats Lake, Glazebrook defeats Clarke, Glazebrook defeats Shuman, Glazebrook defeats Mills, Lance defeats Glazebrook, Lance defeats Brown.

Feature Race 1st Neville Lance, 2nd Daryl Clayden, 3rd Casey Shuman, 4th Alex Bright, 5th Vaughan Manders, 6th Ryan Jones, 7th Alfonso Guadagnino, 8th Glen Mears, 9th Bryn Lake, 10th Paul Robinson, 11th Rob Golding, 12th Bob Goddard, 13th Steven Henderson, 14th Andy Pearce, 15th Philip Jeffreys. DNF: Dayne Kingshott, Mark Brown, Daniel Golding, Adam Clarke, Travis Mills, Lee Redmond, Chris Telenta, Karl Prall, Scott Glazebrook, Dean Merrylees. DNS: Travis White, Perry Farcich.

Adam Clarke wins night 1 - Aussie Champs including Casey Shuman &

08 February 2013 - 09:35 PM

Its Anyone’s Championship....
Author: Scott Beattie

Although Adam Clarke has continued his winning ways tonight, claiming the preliminary feature race for the Australian Title, it is Mark Brown who is in the best position, sitting atop the points chart going into the final nights racing.

An intense night of racing that saw multiple huge crashes, some big moves and of course awesome racing has left the crowd wanting more while the racers are hungry for success, while some of the pre race favourites suffered dramas. Below are the details of how the opening night of hostilities unfolded.

Heat One – Bryn Lake spun before even reaching the start line seeing the first yellows of the night come out. Travis Mills took the early lead, while American sensation Alex Bright looked for a way underneath him. Adam Clarke meanwhile was working his way through the field and had made his way into third by the end of lap one. Clarke then went around the outside of Bright and then underneath Mills to take the lead as lap three came to a close. Try as he might Mills just couldn’t fight back and Clarke pulled away. Clarke then survived a restart and took the win from Mills and the impressive Paul Robinson.

Heat Two – Mark Brown took the lead from the time the green flag flew, racing ahead of Lee Redmond, Ryan Jones and Glen Mears. Jones and Redmond battled it out for second as the yellows came out for Dayne Kingshott who’s machine came to a stop in turn three with just one lap complete. The restart saw Jones nudging Redmond across the line and then the two wage battle in very close quarters. In the end Brown pulled away and took the win from Redmond and Jones

Heat Three – The very much improved Travis White led the opening laps of the third heat, with Casey Shuman trailing him while Scott Glazebrook and Neville Lance worked their way through the field. White opened up a decent gap before spinning to the infield in turn one, handing the lead to Shuman. With four laps to go Neville Lance had caught and passed Shuman for the lead while Dean Merrylees had passed Glazebrook for third place. The order remained unchanged from here.

Heat Four – Daryl Clayden and Bryn Lake touched wheels at the start, with Lake moving into lead while Clayden, Mills and Shuman followed. Mills had a look under Clayden but Clayden pulled away while Mills had a few scary moments by himself. As the race drew on Clayden closed on Lake and then took the lead on lap four. Lake then retook the lead with some contact made that saw Clayden ride the back straight wall before continuing. Lake got the infringement flag for the incident while Mills took the opportunity to catch and pass Clayden. The yellows then came out for a spun car and as per the rules, Lake was relegated two positions. After some contact again between Lake and Clayden under the yellows the race got back underway with the leader Mills racing away before getting some serious side bite, allowing Clayden to briefly take the lead before Mills fought back and held on to claim the win from Clayden and Lake.

Heat Five – Alfonso Guadagnino took the early lead while Redmond fought through into second. Brown very quickly arrived on the scene while Redmond took over the point on lap three. Brown then moved under Alfie for second and the field spreads out a little. Brown slowly closed on Redmond and with one to go Brown took the lead by going underneath Redmond in turn one. Redmond fought back in turn three and retook the lead, with Redmond just holding on in the drag race to the finish line. 

Heat Six – There was a little bit of contact at the start of heat six as Adam Clarke took the lead from Merrylees and Lance. Shuman then dove underneath Lance for third on lap three. Lance went back under Shuman, but Shuman fought back and overtook Merrylees at the same time and moved into second. Lance again went under Shuman but again Shuman fought back. All of a sudden Adam Clarke found himself in the turn four wall with a seriously smoking car and significant damage, seeing him bring out the yellows and fail to finish. Merrylees had nowhere to go and collected Clarke, seeing both suffer more damage. Shuman led the restart from Lance and Robinson with Lance right on Shumans tail. He looked underneath with three to go but Shuman pulled away again, while Manders around outside of Robinson for third. With one to go Lance again looked under Shuman and it was incredibly close, but in the end it was too little too late as Shuman took the win.

Heat Seven – Possibly the race of the night, Alex Bright went to the lead, while Lake went around outside into second and Merrylees underneath in third. Brown was close behind and then moved into third and began battling with Lake. The two gained on Bright and the three cars were battling in very close quarters. Lake went under Bright for lead, but Bright went back around outside. Lake then went under again, bit again Bright went underneath and retook the lead. Brown then went underneath them both and grabbed second with lake moving back around the outside. The three cars then went three wide, with lake just edging ahead. Brown again went underneath and briefly took the lead before Lake again took over the point and slightly pulled away. Brown then tried a massive slide job and ended up nudging Lake into the front straight wall. Luckily all continued and Lake chased brown down again and then on the last corner of the last lap went through and took the win from Brown. 

Heat Eight – Adam Clarke and his team did a great job to repair their car and get back underway. Brown immediately took the lead, with Shuman underneath him looking for the lead. Just then the red lights came on for Travis White who had hit the wall on back straight and went for a huge ride, as had Ryan Jones a little further on in turn three. Both cars are huge messes and were done for the night. Six cars returned for the restart with Shuman leading Clarke and mills. Clarke took the lead again and he survived one more yellow flag to become the first and only multiple heat winner ahead of Shuman and Mills. 

Heat Nine – The final heat of the night saw Vaughan Manders head straight to the front, followed closely by Paul Robinson. Manders pulled away while Robbo had a half lose, forcing Glazebrook to hit the anchors and allowing Clayden underneath into fourth place. Glazebrook fought back and moved into third. As Lance began to close on Manders for lead the reds came out again as Clayden rolled over in turn one. The restart saw Manders maintain his lead and take the win from Lance and Glazebrook.

Preliminary Feature – The feature was exciting from the very start, with the leaders Lance and Brown and Shuman going three wide on first turn. Lake hit wall but continued on as Lance took the lead, with Brown looking underneath him. By this stage Mills was third while Dayne Kingshott, who had not completed a race all night and had started from the rear, was already in tenth place.
With fifteen laps of the twenty lap distance to go the yellows came out for Robinson and Guadagnino who had become entangled, seeing Chris Telenta hit them. Brown went under Lance at the restart, but Lance quickly fought back as behind them, Clarke and Shuman battle for fourth and closed on Mills. The top four then were so close that you could have thrown a blanket over them, with Lance checking up and Clarke moving into second just as the yellows came out for Karl Prall.

Clarke went into the lead at the restart followed by Brown, while Glazebrook made a huge move to get into third place. Clarke pulled away while Glazebrook chased Brown for second and Shuman, Lake and Lance battled behind. Once again the yellows came out, this time for Alex Bright who stopped on back straight. Glazebrook was relegated on the restart, seeing Clarke lead away Brown Schuman and Lake. Dayne Kingshott continued his charge and took over fourth spot before the yellows flashed again for Travis Mills who had spun to a stop. 

The restart sees Clarke lead away Brown and Kingshott, Schuman, Lake and Glazebrook. Kingshott went under Brown for second at restart, and then set out after Clarke before something broke in his car and saw him slow up against the wall before sliding down across the track and bringing out another yellow. Clarke again led the field away while Lake moved under Shuman for third, followed by Glazebrook who took over fourth place. In the end Clarke crossed the line first ahead of Brown, Lake and Glazebrook. 

Overall points now see Mark Brown at the top of the tree ahead of Lance and Shuman.

Full points are below.
Tomorrow night will see one more round of heats (detailed below) before a top eight pole shootout and then the all important 40 lap feature race.

Who will win? Make sure you are at the Perth Motorplex tomorrow to find out!

Official Results 
Heat One – 1st Adam Clarke, 2nd Travis Mills, 3rd Paul Robinson, 4th Bryn Lake, 5th Alex Bright, 6th Steven Henderson, 7th Phillip Jeffrey. DNF: Karl Prall, Rob Golding.

Heat Two – 1st Mark Brown, 2nd Lee Redmond, 3rd Ryan Jones, 4th Daryl Clayden, 5th Glen Mears, 6th Chris Telenta, 7th Bob Goddard. DNF: Daniel Golding, Dayne Kingshott.

Heat Three – 1st Neville Lance, 2nd Casey Shuman, 3rd Dean Merrylees, 4th Scott Glazebrook, 5th Alfonso Guadagnino, 6th Andy Pearce, 7th Perry Farcich. DNF: Travis White, Vaughan Manders.

Heat Four – 1st Travis Mills, 2nd Daryl Clayden, 3rd Bryn Lake, 4th Ryan Jones, 5th Bob Goddard, 6th Glen Mears, 7th Philip Jeffrey, 8th Karl Prall. DNS: Chris Telenta.

Heat Five – 1st Lee Redmond, 2nd Mark Brown, 3rd Alfonso Guadagnino, 4th Travis White, 5th Scott Glazebrook, 6th Daniel Golding. DNF: Perry Farcich. DNS: Dayne Kingshott.

Heat Six – 1st Casey Shuman, 2nd Neville Lance, 3rd Vaughan Manders, 4th Paul Robinson, 5th Alex Bright, 6th Steven Henderson. DNF: Adam Clarke, Dean Merrylees. DNS: Rob Golding.

Heat Seven – 1st Bryn Lake, 2nd Mark Brown, 3rd Alex Bright, 4th Lee Redmond, 5th Dean Merrylees, 6th Alfonso Guadagnino, 7th Chris Telenta, 8th Bob Goddard. DNS: Dayne Kingshott.

Heat Eight – 1st Adam Clarke, 2nd Casey Shuman, 3rd Travis Mills, 4th Glen Mears, 5thPhilip Jeffrey. DNF: Rob Golding Ryan Jones, Travis White. DNS: Andy Pearce.

Heat Nine – 1st Vaughan Manders, 2nd Neville Lance, 3rd Scott Glazebrook, 4th Paul Robinson, 5th Daniel Golding, 6th Steven Henderson, 7th Karl Prall. DNF: Daryl Clayden. DNS: Perry Farcich.

Preliminary Feature Race – 1st Adam Clarke, 2nd Mark Brown, 3rd Bryn Lake, 4th Scott Glazebrook, 5th Neville Lance, 6th Lee Redmond, 7th Travis Mills, 8th Casey Shuman, 9th Vaughan Manders, 10th Glen Mears, 11th Dean Merrylees, 12th Steven Henderson, 13th Paul Robinson, 14th Daniel Golding, 15th Bob Goddard, 16th Karl Prall. DNF: Dayne Kingshott, Philip Jeffrey, Alex Bright, Alfonso Guadagnino, Chris Telenta, DNS: Daryl Clayden, Ryan Jones, Travis White, Andy Pearce, Perry Farcich, Rob Golding.

1. N9 Brown - 89.5
2. W14 Lance - 88
3. US2 Shuman - 86.5
4. N41 Mills - 83
5. W9 Redmond - 80.5
6. W26 Lake - 78
7. W21 Clarke - 75
8. W3 Glazebrook - 63.5
9. W22 Manders - 62
10. W8 Robinson - 61
11. W23 Mears - 54.5
12. W19 Henderson - 48.5
13. N12 Merrylees - 47
14. W25 Goddard - 46
15. W17 D Golding - 38.5
16. N75 Bright- 38
17. W6 Guadagnino - 37
18. W45 Clayden - 33
19. N93 Jones- 29
20. W37 Jeffrey – 29
21. W12 Telenta - 19
22. W38 White - 13
23. V5 Pearce - 10
24. W50 Prall - 9.5
25. W18 Farcich - 9
26. W24 Kingshott - 0
27. W15 R Golding - 0




All on again tonight (Western Australian timezone!)
40 lap A main.


Australian News: POWRi Australian Speedcar Super Series

18 October 2012 - 06:33 PM


As teams and drivers prepare for the first round of the POWRi Australian Speedcar Super Series at Brisbane International Speedway on October 20th, the fans have been asking… Who will be on the road this season?

Passionate SSS Director Ken Jenkins has released a list of contracted drivers that will not disappoint! Multi-time championship-winning driver Mark Brown is confirmed! Yes, the 5 time SSS Champion will return to the track at the opening round along with a number of stringent racers!

While the number of rounds has been reduced, there is absolutely no doubt the drivers will deliver on all occasions, as they once again provide wheel-to-wheel action!

“We have drivers who have been on the SSS tour before and other talented racers who have decided to join up for the first time this year,” said Ken earlier “this is going to be another superb season that promises first-class racing across the entire group.”

Amazingly, there have only been 2 Championship winners since the SSS was reformed in 2005, not an easy feat proven by the over flowing list of blue ribbon victories held by our contracted racers; along with the competitors who have joined us at various rounds from all over the world!

2005-2006: Michael Pickens (NZ)
2006-2007: Mark Brown (AUS)
2007-2008: Mark Brown (AUS)
2008-2009: Mark Brown (AUS)
2009-2010: Mark Brown (AUS)
2010-2011: Michael Pickens (NZ)
2011-2012: Mark Brown (AUS)
2012-2013: Who will win?

Contracted for the 2012-2013 POWRi Speedcar Super Series are:

JASON BELL - Q82 Breka/Toyota
Moree’s Jason Bell is a former Litre car racer who has never looked back since joining the Speedcar division. Purchasing a Toyota engine from Stanton Race Engines earlier this year, Jason and his family will have two cars on track as they play host to the current POWRi champion, American Andrew Felker (BIS and Charlton only).

MARK BROWN - N9 Spike/Esslinger
With five championships under his belt and many other blue ribbon events, Ex-Vic and current NSW’s Mark Brown will defend his championship racing for Brendon Fox of TFR! The most winning team last season with 13 podiums including 7 feature wins, Team Fox Racing are the ones to beat in 2012-2013!

Racing for the Holland family out of Queensland, Anthony Chaffey joins the travelling onslaught this season with the 2010 Victorian State Championship on his racing resume!

TROY JENKINS - N78 Stealth/Synergy V8
One of two drivers who have competed at every round of the SSS, Troy Jenkins is a veteran of this sport with his name in the record books from State Championships to Australian Grand Prix's.

BRENDAN PALMER - Q29 Breka/Esslinger
The current Polar Ice Midget Series champion joins the ranks racing for Jack Berry Racing. Collecting most of the QSRA accolades last season, Brendan also drove to victory and was crowned the 2012 Victorian State Champion!

SIMON ROBERTS - N22 Spike/Mopar
Son of Super Sedan racer Bernie Roberts, Simon joined the Speedcar division after a karting initative ran by the Speedcar Association of NSW! A real find for the division with ample talent up his sleeve! Racing for only a short time, Simon has already captured his maiden feature win!

NATHAN SMEE - N7 Spike/Esslinger
Racing for brother-in-law Mark Cooper, this former Australian Speedcar Champion and 50 lapper King starts his season after a successful campaign at International meetings in both New Zealand and America.

GAVIN WESBLE - N67 Aggressor/Mopar
Out of the cockpit for approx 3 seasons due to work commitments, Gavin was keen to get back on the loud pedal to develop his craft! Deciding to join the series was an easy option! Race at different tracks across the country with many high calibre drivers! Speaking from his home in Tamworth, "The POWRi SSS in my opinion is the number one series in Australia so thought I'd give it a try!"

With plans underway to develop this series and division further, get on board and support the racing both on and off the track!

20 October 2012 - Brisbane International Speedway, QLD
27 October 2012 - Charlton Raceway, QLD
19 January 2012 - Avalon Raceway, VIC
30 March 2012 - Sydney Speedway, NSW