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Spark plug gap

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I am wondering what everyone reccommends for the proper plug gap for a vintage ChevyII running a vertex mag.
Opinions seem to vary with others I have talked to, some say .016-.018, others say .014. I have mine set at .025, motor seems to run fine that way. I just set them that way because that was the way they were when I bought the car.
If it makes a difference, I am running Champion V59C(670) racing plugs. Thanks.



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Dear Midget Racer 56,

I could not find any information on this subject. I did find this quote on one website and it was hotley disputed.

"The same.

Large plug caps are for lower compression lean burn engines. And if used in a normal or high compression engine it will enhance detonation.

This may sound confusing.

The wider the gap:
The longer the spark travels, the longer it travels is also longer in time.

The Shorter the gap:
The spark travels very short and is very fast
Less time!

If the plug has too much time, it will ignite all the fuel before the compression cycle is completed, causing detonation.

When the spark plug fires it starts the power cycle, usually before the compression cycle has completed, so that compression can also help with the complete burn. if the burn is completed to much you have detonation.

Same as to much timing advance.

I hope I wrote this were you can understand.

Instruction and illustration has never been my cup of tee. Hands on verbal instruction is my main suit.


The website was:


My link

Sorry I couldn't help but I like the question and thanks for posting it.


Larry "O"...racing is fun!....LOL!

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