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Smokey's hot air engine?

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I was looking at an article on Smokey Yunicks hot air engine. It was his 50 mpg "hot air" Fiero automobile, which never seemed to take off. It must of worked...lol!

The idea was basically to heat the carb air and fuel mixture to 200 degrees farenheit, using the radiator cooling system. Then to heat it again in the intake manifold using ducted exhaust gases from the header. This would raise the temp of the intake charge to approximately to 400 degrees.

Using what he called a "homgenizer" as a check valve to prevent "a backfire" from blowing the intake manifold off the engine...lol, the system was complete and operational except for a camshaft change, to take advantage of the hot air intake charge. He called it a "profile change" to maximize the "otto" principle ... lol! I think he was trying to be funny, don't you think?

The idea seems simple enough. I just can't believe nobody ever tried to duplicate his efforts. If you can get basically double the gas mileage out of your normally aspirated engine, with basically a camshaft change, why wouldn't you try to duplicate his efforts if you were warm blooded American. I think all hot rodders are warm, blooded Americans...lol. I'm just messing with you all. Sorry for that and God Bless You!

Anyhow I would like to try out the idea. The worse thing that could happen is that you blow off the intake manifold and send shrapnel all over the neighborhood. A small price to pay.


Larry Otani and happy racing!

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