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#82775 Mike Minarik Titanium Midget

Posted by larryo on 21 November 2011 - 12:35 AM in Midget Tech Board

Thankyou for sharing the pictures.

In picture 7 and 9 just ahead of the motor plate is a strange contraption that looks like a mid-cage/truss assy/ panhard rod assembly, possible to transfers forces incurred by the twisting of the frame???? Or is it just a jig to support the frame during manufacture or something else.

I'm kind of curious if they use titanium front springs that are readily available?

Will build a titanium tank?

And of course would it be out of the question to machine a titanium block?

If someone has went this far that answer is probably...duh of course you idiot...lol!


Larry O and I hope everybody has fun at this years Chillibowl.

#82241 stealth wide body

Posted by larryo on 28 August 2011 - 06:21 AM in Midget Tech Board

Number 1, wide bodys don't hook up as much as narrow bodies.

2) Do you sipe your tires?

3) I like the idea of running a .775 RR bar?

4) Move the left rear out.

5) I was always told the RF shock should have less rebound than the left front. I would put a little more rebound in the left front shock.

6) I was just a little curious how far you space your RR tire out?

Larry Otani

#81898 Titanium Chillibowl Frame.

Posted by larryo on 28 July 2011 - 05:41 AM in Midget Tech Board

All this talk about aluminum vintage midget frames got me thinking.

Why not build a titanium frame for the Chillibowl. Has anybody did it? I will bet my life life nobody in this world has ever built a beryllium frame for any motorsports in racing, except the late great Howard Hughes in some of his "special" airplane racers. Beryllium is by far the strongest material known to man for it weight.

It bothers me that Sammy says someday we will figure out what he does at the Chillibowl to make him a winner.
I will bet my life one of the so called "stock fuel tanks" is lighter than any fuel and bladder system on the market.

So, if you don't need it, why run a bladder at the Chillibowl? Sammy is always one of the guys that have experimented with materials that almost killed him. So running titanium rear end and gear assemblies has got to be a must?? A few years back, everybody coyld have one. Cost was exhorbarant and longenivty was short, but they are available for those that have the bucks.

We have all the light bodies, carbon fiber and hoses. And I'm sure their are special titanium crankshafts for those who have the money and a mfg to custom machine one. Most everything else can be bought easily like titanium rods.

Magnesium is lighter than than aluminum and I guess you could build titanium wheels for those who wanted them.

And even a titanium block to me is not out of the question. And I don't think cubic inches are restricted at the Chillibowl. Sammy by far had the quickest car at the Chillibowl, but it handled very poorly, at least from my perspective. I thought Sammy's car handles terrible, but it could blow the doors off any car at the Chillibowl in acceleration. I don't think cubic inch wise Sammy's car met USAC rules, cubic inch wise.

I don't know how much it would cost but I feel you could have a real light car at the Chillibowl and the rules ares such you could have more cubic inches than almost anybody at the Chillibowl if you wanted it. I bet Sammy has a big motor....lol!

Just some thoughts,

Larry "O" and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you at the Chillibowl....lol!

#81650 Spark plug gap

Posted by larryo on 06 July 2011 - 05:04 AM in Midget Tech Board

Dear Midget Racer 56,

I could not find any information on this subject. I did find this quote on one website and it was hotley disputed.

"The same.

Large plug caps are for lower compression lean burn engines. And if used in a normal or high compression engine it will enhance detonation.

This may sound confusing.

The wider the gap:
The longer the spark travels, the longer it travels is also longer in time.

The Shorter the gap:
The spark travels very short and is very fast
Less time!

If the plug has too much time, it will ignite all the fuel before the compression cycle is completed, causing detonation.

When the spark plug fires it starts the power cycle, usually before the compression cycle has completed, so that compression can also help with the complete burn. if the burn is completed to much you have detonation.

Same as to much timing advance.

I hope I wrote this were you can understand.

Instruction and illustration has never been my cup of tee. Hands on verbal instruction is my main suit.


The website was:


My link

Sorry I couldn't help but I like the question and thanks for posting it.


Larry "O"...racing is fun!....LOL!

#81442 Helper Spring Questions

Posted by larryo on 16 June 2011 - 02:43 AM in Midget Tech Board

Dear Randy,

I'm definitely not the expert on this, lol. I have just seen 2-3 people using these helper springs. The thing that really gets my attention is when people use a lot of springs and have these extra long spring/shock assemblies on the RF of their cars.

I would think the main thing is that you don't want to get to the point where the RF spring assembly is hanging in the air and the RF springs are not pushing on the axel/RF wheel/tire on the road surface/track.

So, that being said, the question becomes not so much the spring rate, but the amount of travel the helper spring has.

So, my guess is if you had a "helper" spring that was rated at 40lbs and had 2" of travel and it ran out of travel..ie..was hanging in the air when you jumped on the throttle and were coming out of the turns, you would put two 20lb helper springs with 2" of travel each, to get you a total spring rate of 40lbs (initial spring rated wanted), but now you have 4" of travel and hopefully the RF tires stay planted to the road/track, during load transfer.

I know I have over simplified this, but I think the general idea is correct. Hopefully one of the experts on this board will "chime" in and correct me and add information to help you. I just like the question...lol!

Sincerely and thanks for letting me talk. I love bench racing.

Larry Otani

P.S. Here's an idea that came up at the track last week. What wheel do you lead the front axel with...ie. RF or LF?

Which rear wheel gets the final loading from the shift in front axel position?

And finally why does the Rear Wheel you have guessed get more load transfer? ....ie...what is the physics, what is the mechanical leverage and how is it generated on the chassis, axel assemblies and torsion bars/wheel and tires?

What's happening and explain it to somebody...lol!

2) Coming home and explaining my experience to my buddy, he asked "did it work". Answer "I don't know, I wasn't driving the car", but the guy driving the car said if you can scale the car you will see a change in wts on the scales.

It also has a lot to do with how much the car rolls over in the turns, I was told.

Larry "O" and god bless. "bench racing is what I live for. I love to talk..lol" and good luck to you. Racing is fun!

#81422 Helper Spring Questions

Posted by larryo on 14 June 2011 - 06:39 AM in Midget Tech Board

Dear Randy,

This is my most favorite subject. I'm not going to answer the question the way "you are setting up your springs".
I'm going to answer the question on how you should use the helper spring. I hope "Baue" or any of the other experts/ the guys that really know what they are talking about will "chime in" and answer your question the way you want it answered.

1) If you use the helper spring the way it was designed, "of course a 50lb spring" will give more wt transfer than a 25 lb spring. Most people do not know how to set up the helper spring for wt transfer. Most people ignore the instructions in the kit and basically put one spring on top of the other and squish the helper spring into full compression/ bind. They don't use all the other pieces in the kit that allow you do dial in the helper spring rebound rate. The helper spring is only suppose to be used in rebound. Theoretically you could remove the helper spring and the main spring would act normally as if the helper spring was not there. As you want more rebound you twist in a little compression in the helper spring and on rebound the helper spring will give you little extra lift, promoting rebound. Like I say, most people don't use all the pieces in the kit and jury rig the setup.

Yes, a helper spring in full bind in stationary/original setup of the chassis will give you load transfer, and the 50 lbs spring in full "bind" will give more load transfer than a 25 lbs spring in "full bind", but that is not how the kit is designed to work or be setup. As I have said most people are not using all the little intricate parts that come with the kit and are not following the instructions and don't understand the helper spring setup. They basically don't understand the instructions.

Find someone that can show you how to setup a helper spring and physically show you what is happening in the spring
setup with real hardware.

Jimmy Sill midget setup video gives you a good hint on its operation and theory.

If you don't compress the helper spring into full "bind" the over rate of the two springs will be less than the highest valued spring. Some people mistaking setup the helper spring in this configuration. They are leaving out a few parts in the kit. They are important. You must use all the pieces in the kit and follow the written instructions that come with kit.

a) my point, most people do not know how to set up the helper spring. The few people who I have seen set up helper springs do not know what they are doing or talking about. They do not understand the principle/physics of spring theory or the correct/mfg/setup of the helper spring kit. They usualy put the springs in series, one on top of the other and two springs in series will have less spring rate than the highest rated spring.

B) But that is not how the "kit"/...i.e...all the parts and collars that come in the helper spring kit are designed to work. That is not how the instructions in the helper spring kit tell you how to setup the helper spring for wt transfer.

B) I think most people brains are interfering with the instructions that come with the helper spring package/kit.

I wasn't going to do this but I will try to explaing the helper spring setup.

1) The kit comes with a collar that sits on top the main spring. There is a paper thin cylintrical nut that is very small in diameter and locks the main spring in place. Set up the main spring rate as you desire. You can run your spring in this configuration. This is how the kit is desgned.

2) Ok, your main spring is setup and you are ready to go racing.

3) Now the helper spring is placed on top of the collar for the main spring. It is a special collar designed just for this purpose. The locking nut for the main spring is inside of helper spring and is designed to move up and down inside the inner coils of the helper spring.

4) The next collar goes on top of the helper spring with the final/second collar nut. As you twist the the top nut down it loads up the helper spring. If you dial in a little bit of rebound with the helper spring, as the car lifts up you hit a point where the main spring is fully relaxed, but the helper spring has a few turns twisted into it. This little bit of extra spring action propel the front end up a little higher and promote load transfer the opposite diagonal rear wheel.

Good luck! I did my best at trying to expain this subject. It is complicated and confusing, but really simple when you finally figure it out.


Larry Otani

P.S. My best wishes for you always. Racing is a lot of fun. I would like to buy a sprint car...lol!

#81369 California Midget Racing

Posted by larryo on 09 June 2011 - 06:32 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

Being part of the FF Midgets for 2-3 years taught me something about promoting, cost, racing and having fun.

1) Originally the FF Midgets paid a purse of 500 to win. Not bad.

2) The tracks were up and down the Ca coast giving the new and young driver a great intro to racing, setups and traveling to different tracks every week. I think that is important to run different tracks. I think this type of racing breeds new young drivers, well versed in changing track conditions and setups, which is vital to someone's career.

3) I still think the FF Midget could make a comeback. But it requires the 280-320 HP FF Midget engine, that was never built but was promised. USAC lost a wonderful opportunity, but it is still their if anybody wanted to pursue it.

In a couple of weeks of participating I am simply amazed at the promoting and genius of the "Minisprints". People are now taking a Spike midget and dropping in a stock 1000 cc motorcycle engine and are really driving fast and having a lot of fun. Car counts were almost 25 cars at the last race at Perris, Ca. I think it paid 225 dollars to win. Why so many cars? A lot of phone calls, a lot of coaching to new young drivers at the race track and a lot of work collecting contingency sponsors for the series. Like all things, many people have ideas, but it takes one person to put out a hurculean effort to make any racing series work and a success. Right now the minisprints in California are doing the right thing and the races are excting to watch.

Larry "O"

#81242 Magnetos and mechanical F.I. info

Posted by larryo on 31 May 2011 - 12:03 AM in Midget Tech Board

Dear Bob,

Hope you get your midget running. In California they ran some vintage midgets, T-roadsters and sprint cars. I do have to admit I didn't watch them as much as I should of, but they definately caught my attention, since I own a 1923 T Bucket Roadster for the street. That is a thrill!!!!

I know you want to get out and drive your midget. So hopefully you get your car running and go have some fun.

I finally got to drive my sprint car the other night, but I had a little accident...lol! No brakes, but at least I didn't kill anybody...lol!

Hopefully I will get to run it again pretty soon...God Willing...lol!.

I was trying so hard to get away from racing and one time in the Sprint Car and it's like a disease or drug....you want more. The one thing I thought when I got into the sprint car is that you would have to be a complete idiot to drive one of these things. They are so dangerous, but thrilling...dangerous and for what???? But I want to drive it again.

Good luck and God Bless...

Larry "O"

P.S. I can invision going to launch again, but I really don't want to go to Russia and and Sea Launch...well, I rather stay at home...lol! Let the young whipper..snappers have all the fun!

#81061 Magnetos and mechanical F.I. info

Posted by larryo on 09 May 2011 - 05:22 AM in Midget Tech Board

I found this artice on mechanical fuel injection in "Hot Rod Magazine". The issue is October 2010. It starts on page 106.

Hope you can get a copy and good luck with the vintage midget. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Larry "O"

P.S. Good luck on STS 134. I have watched many launches and pesonally personally feel the Titan IV Rocket is much more spectacular, but shaking the astronaunts' hands before they board the orbiter is a memory I will never forget.


Larry "O"...."Space" has always been my life, but racing is a lot of fun also...lol!

#80984 Smokey's hot air engine?

Posted by larryo on 26 April 2011 - 08:25 AM in Midget Tech Board

I was looking at an article on Smokey Yunicks hot air engine. It was his 50 mpg "hot air" Fiero automobile, which never seemed to take off. It must of worked...lol!

The idea was basically to heat the carb air and fuel mixture to 200 degrees farenheit, using the radiator cooling system. Then to heat it again in the intake manifold using ducted exhaust gases from the header. This would raise the temp of the intake charge to approximately to 400 degrees.

Using what he called a "homgenizer" as a check valve to prevent "a backfire" from blowing the intake manifold off the engine...lol, the system was complete and operational except for a camshaft change, to take advantage of the hot air intake charge. He called it a "profile change" to maximize the "otto" principle ... lol! I think he was trying to be funny, don't you think?

The idea seems simple enough. I just can't believe nobody ever tried to duplicate his efforts. If you can get basically double the gas mileage out of your normally aspirated engine, with basically a camshaft change, why wouldn't you try to duplicate his efforts if you were warm blooded American. I think all hot rodders are warm, blooded Americans...lol. I'm just messing with you all. Sorry for that and God Bless You!

Anyhow I would like to try out the idea. The worse thing that could happen is that you blow off the intake manifold and send shrapnel all over the neighborhood. A small price to pay.


Larry Otani and happy racing!

#80945 Banned or Vintage Midgets to run 2012 Chillibowl?

Posted by larryo on 21 April 2011 - 04:02 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

Always trying to think of a topic that might have fan appeal and I'm serious...lol, I was wondering if Lanny (?), Lenny (? ) ever ran a race that was only for banned or vintage midgets ever have a chance of running at the Chillibowl?

Lenny (?) runs his race of Champions at the Chillibowl? I really don't know if the fans like this race or not. I don't know if the champions like running this race or car owners like entering thier cars and running them in this race.

But you hear so much about banned Midgets. For instance Lanny banned Bondios "ski". How about letting Bondio run this ski in a "Banned or vintage midget race" at the Chillibowl.

I know there are many midgets that have been banned from midget racing. I wonder if thier is enough of them out their, that their could be a special race for them at the Chillibowl. It was just a thought and I thought I would post it.


Larry Otani and God Bless you and Bill Gardner on www.indianaopenwheel.com

#80942 Banned Midget Race Car

Posted by larryo on 20 April 2011 - 05:07 AM in Midget Trivia

Cool discussion. Thanks for sharing it.

Larry "O"

#80906 Belleville Midget Nationals Race

Posted by larryo on 14 April 2011 - 07:59 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

Dear Marty,

You are a trooper. I hope to meet you but I can't count on it. I go to many events and really don't socialize much. I kind of sneak in and vanish, without too many people noticing that I was even there...lol!

My purpose is to see the event...brag about it...lol and then vanish into thin air.

I'm hoping I can bring my finacee????? I would like to take her to a famous midget event. I think she would enjoy it.


Larry Otani and thanks for the post. God bless you!

#80872 Monocoque midget chassis: Reason for concern?

Posted by larryo on 10 April 2011 - 01:58 AM in Midget Tech Board

Dear Bob,

Hope you get the car. It's always fun to fulfill dreams! I think I know the person selling this car...not personally lol.

The internet is a powerful place where you can learn and find information on just about everything.

I found a link to a Turner Midget and picture. Here it is. Once you get to the link it's about the fourth picture down in the "web" page. Click on the following link.

My link



Larry Otani and thanks for the post. Very interesting...lol!

P.S. All our aircraft in WWII, were basically aluminum bent or rolled and riveted...lol! Good enough for an airplane I would guess it would be good enough for a midget...lol!????

#80854 Monocoque midget chassis: Reason for concern?

Posted by larryo on 07 April 2011 - 04:05 AM in Midget Tech Board

Excuse me for butting in....lol! But what a fascinating topic. You mention the words "Tub" chassis. Have any pictures? Herb Adams, head engineer for GM and father of the camaro suspension, specializes in "tub" chassis', which is really not a bunch of tubes but a boxed in structure using a lot of flat sheets of aluminum panels to design and fabricate a chassis. Kind of like the Indy cars of the 70's. Tub chassis' are very strong and very light.

So, it might be just possible that your "Tub" chassis, is not only lighter, but stronger, with more rigidity and longer life than a very archaic steel tube chassis, which in the minds of most engineers is a big joke.


Larry Otani

#80793 USAC schedules agianst Bellville

Posted by larryo on 01 April 2011 - 04:44 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

I'm hoping in 2-3 weeks I will schedule my trip to Belleville. I finally did my income tax return and I will get a small fortune back. So, I will have tons of money for Belleville...lol!

But, I was wondering. Does Belleville have a "winner contingency" where past winners automatically get to run the race if they do not qualify. For instance if they did not show up until saturday, if they are a past winner they start at the rear on Saturday?. Kind of like at the Chillibowl?

I have to admit, when somebody said Kieth Kunz cars will be there no matter what I was sold. Because I really
wanted to see Kyle win the race. Kyle is from California...lol and I just want him to do well. Do I know Kyle...???, nope, but that is my thinking anyways.

I personally will stay in a hotel/motel...from the information from one of the midget posters and thankyou very much. I hear you might get a few bugs in Belleville? Is that true? Just want to be prepared.

I'm hoping Belleville will be a success, but even if it is not I know I will have a great time. I just want to go even if nobody showed up.


Larry Otani and God Bless.

P.S. I would love it if we brought a few cars, but I got a feeling my buddy would tell me.."are you crazy" and I would say "no". If I had to pitch in a few bucks I would help our team go, but I know it not on anybodys mind except mine...lol!

#80792 Cory Kruseman

Posted by larryo on 01 April 2011 - 04:28 AM in Midget Trivia

Well, I guess I don't know Cory and I don't know the history of Ventura, especially when Cory Graduated Highschool.
I'm not even sure how old Cory is? Is he 40????lol. When did he graduate Highschool and what high school did Cory graduate from?

Somewhere around the 90's Jim ran a few IMCA sprint car races and "show room stock" has been a popular series at Ventura.

But I'm going to guess a "dwarf car".


Larry Otani

and good luck to Cory.

#80765 Cory Kruseman

Posted by larryo on 29 March 2011 - 03:16 AM in Midget Trivia

That is a very good question. If it is not a TQ, I know Cory did a lot of go-cart racing and there were several tracks where they raced the go-carts, but Ventura, Ca would of been a track he could of won on, but I wouldn't be surprized if it was not. I will say Santa Maria, in a go-cart.


Larry Otani

#80756 Belleville Midget Nationals Race

Posted by larryo on 26 March 2011 - 07:23 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

Pokie Okie,

Belleville is definitely on my list of places to go this year. Just want things to settle down a bit at work to schdule my trip.

Thanks so much for all the important wonderful information.


Larry Otani

P.S. Love the picture. A lot of different thoughts on a high speed midget shown in the photos. Thanks for sharing it.

#80735 USAC schedules agianst Bellville

Posted by larryo on 22 March 2011 - 05:41 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

I was wondering if anybody had a clue as to who (drivers) are likely candiates to attend the Belleville Nationals?

I was looking at the USAC Website and they seemed to have listed drivers competing in the sprints and in the midgets for 2010 only. It might be mistake? I didn't see the drivers for 2011.

But for 2010 I like the drivers for the USAC midgets more than the drivers competing in than the USAC Sprints.

If 2011 holds true/the same as 2010 I would be hoping, since a USAC National Midget Race is not scheduled against the Belleville Nationals, all the drivers competing in the USAC Midgets only would attend the 2011 Belleville National Race.

For me I would rather see the drivers competing for 2010 in the USAC midgets competing at the 2011 Belleville Nationals.

I just like the USAC Midget Drivers in 2010 than the drivers listed in the 2010 USAC Sprints.


Larry Otani...I would still go to Belleville Nationals over a USAC Sprint Race if the drivers were the old guys that have really built midget racing, rather than some other drivers that have not payed thier dues as much in my opinion and God Bless you all!

#80733 USAC Midget Video from Ventura, Ca.

Posted by larryo on 22 March 2011 - 04:18 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

My link

Click on the above link to see video.

Was posted on Lance's board. www.scrafan.com

Video is a Loud Pedal Video, shot at Ventura, from Mike and Tim (?).

I'm not sure if everybody has seen it. Race ran last weekend.


Larry Otani

#80721 what year might this car be

Posted by larryo on 21 March 2011 - 03:56 AM in Vintage Midget Racing

I have no idea, but I did try to research it a little bit.

It seems this car might be called a sprint car and not a midget, but in the old days they said they were not called sprint cars but "track" cars. That is my 5 minute research project on google for your photo......lol!

I'm guessing this car was originally a 30's car modfified in the 40's. Because I found a link that talked about a car that had four longitudinal springs in which this car has two in the front. Quite unusal, but I have no idea when this car was made. I'm just amazed at the car. It's fascinating. And I like talking on the internet...lol!

Here's a link where I found a little data on 30's - 40's car with four longitudinal leaf springs.

My link


I thought old model T cars had traverse springs front and rear. My 1923 T Bucket has traverse springs front and rear. This car only has longitudinal springs in the front?????? Will somebody explain that to me?

This car probably was a purpose built race car and frame . I don't think it came off a ordinary car off the assembly line.

In fact, the schoeder like steering box I don't think came in a passenger car off an assembly line. Just a guess.
I'm probably wrong again.

As for the value, I would guess it's worth anywhere from 1200 to 2500 dollars to the right person. To anybody else I don't think it is worth much. That is just my pie in the sky wild guess. Good luck and thanks for sharing it.


Larry Otani....I know nothing!

#80718 Belleville Midget Nationals Race

Posted by larryo on 20 March 2011 - 10:23 PM in MidgetMadness Forum


I don't know about that tent. Seems like there must be at 100 tents that look exactly like yours. But I will take a look through the park, if I make it to Belleville. The strawberry pie is my favorite. That is the best reason for going to Belleville. My Mother made the best Lemon Marange Pies. They were delicious. So I have a affinity for Good homemade pies made by mothers...lol! They're the best!

Josh Wise was a good racer. Brad Sweet did well there. I have to admit I would like to see Kyle Larson win because he is part Japanese (his mother) and he is from California.

Hopefully Josh and Brad Sweet will continue to find rides in Nascar. A lot of other USAC competitors like Leffler are still finding rides and doing well. It seem a lot of USAC drivers have found success in Nascar. I don't know if it's Cole Whitt or another USAC driver but they are doing well in the Craftmans Truck Series.


Larry Otani

P.S. I hope I make it. It really seems like a lot of fun. I have to admit watching videos of Belleville reminds me of the Indy 500 where drivers take their lives in thier own hands and try to tame a giant of a track. That is really attractive and dangerous and that is what attracts fans. Life and Death. God bless you all and thanks for posting all the fantastic stories and information. I really appreciate the response and I will try to make it to Belleville this year.

#80708 Belleville Midget Nationals Race

Posted by larryo on 18 March 2011 - 04:58 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

(1) Well, I was contemplating what race I would like to go to this year. Probably will go alone.

And I was thinking Belleville would be the only race that would perk my interest and curiosity.

I also found this link to a great Youtube video on the museum.

Click on the following sentence/link...i.e...click on "My link".

My link

I highly advise you to look at this video if you like racing. I personally thought it was great video. I Loved this video. I think this video personafies what's missing in racing. And I also think what's missing in racing is personalities. If you want to be a great racer I think you need to have a great personality, like Trevor Bayne in Nascar racing.

His personality it the greatest in the nation. And I really mean that and it has nothing to do with winning races, but it has everything to do with attracting fans to the stands and races and buying tickets to the stands.

2) I was kind of curious. What would you recommend as a place to stay in Belleville if you wanted that old time feeling...ie...kind of rustic and old and full of old time personality?

3) And do they have any great "spaghetti" restaurants in Belleville? I would like to eat Itallian in Belleville...lol. Maybe have some bread and wine and cheese for brunch.

And I hope 2011 is the best year in your life.


Larry Otani and happy racing!

P.S. Maybe we will see you in Belleville.

#80697 Question about the Copper on Dirt.

Posted by larryo on 16 March 2011 - 05:49 AM in MidgetMadness Forum

Thanks for that answer. It kind of made me realize if you can drive continuously for almost 30 laps (?) and almost never lift, sliding (sliders), riding the top at full speed and just carrying your speed/momentum you will basically have 30 qualifying laps that will outpace the field if nobody else has that setup or driving style. I know Kyle won the "King of California" 410 Wing sprint car series in California last year, so here was one race where he could use that exact driving style to get maximum speed and use that driving style which is the standard in Winged/WoO sprint car driving series. It is a little different than conventional non-wing driving style, where you loose a little speed at corner entry, because you kind of brake to enter the corner and set the car for the turn.


Larry Otani