Felker Flies to Macon Win

MACON, Ill. (April 23, 2016) – Andrew Felker of Carl Junction, Missouri had the fast setup at Mighty Macon Speedway, claiming his sixth-career Lucas Oil POWRi National Midget Series victory, his fourth at the high-banked 1/5th mile.

After starting second row outside, Andrew Felker had to chase down Tanner Thorson for 15 laps before taking the lead from Thorson on lap 16. Using lap traffic to his advantage, Felker was able to pounce at just the right time as Thorson struggled with traffic.

Utilizing the top side of the high-banked 1/5th mile, Felker meticulously maneuvered the Danny Felker-owned Mel-Mark Pipe and Supply/Stanton SR-11 BOSS Chassis through traffic on his way to claiming the 30 lap Lucas Oil POWRi National Midget Series victory.

Tucker Klaasmeyer brought home a career-best finish of second place, while Austin Brown got his first podium of the year with a third. Justin Peck ended up fourth after starting 15th, while Terry Babb charged from 22nd up to fifth.

“I knew we had a good car, but [Tanner Thorson] was getting better restarts than me,” explained a victorious Andrew Felker. “I knew we had a good car, just a matter of finding our time to make it. It’s hard to beat Keith Kunz cars any night and to have all BOSS cars up here is pretty special. Right now we’re fighting for our lives, we’re out of sponsorship, and so as long as we keep winning races, we’ll be out here every week.”

“I can’t thank KBR and BOSS Chassis enough,” said Tucker Klaasmeyer with a career-best second. “The car was awesome and this is actually my best finish in a midget, which is pretty cool.”

“I knew it was going to be fast up top and it was,” Austin Brown said. “Everybody kind of lined up, but we had to look out for all the wrecks, but we got through most of them. Congrats to Andrew Felker on the win.”

National Midgets

Speedway Motors Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: 91 – DERECK KING, Heat 2: 5D – ZACH DAUM, Heat 3: 67 – TANNER THORSON, Heat 4: 97 – SPENCER BAYSTON, Heat 5: 50 – DANIEL ADLER

Semi Feature Winners: 31 – DAVID BUDRES, 56Y – DANIEL ROBINSON

Great Clips Feature Winner: 11A – ANDREW FELKER

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 11A – ANDREW FELKER 2. 27 – TUCKER KLAASMEYER 3. 7 – AUSTIN BROWN 4. 5X – JUSTIN PECK 5. 88 – TERRY BABB 6. 5D – ZACH DAUM 7. 97K – RICO ABREU 8. 32 – GARRETT AITKEN 9. 3N – JAKE NEUMAN 10. 41 – AUSTIN PROCK 11. 50 – DANIEL ADLER 12. 67 – TANNER THORSON 13. 56Y – DANIEL ROBINSON 14. 56X – MARK CHISHOLM 15. 67K – HOLLY SHELTON 16. 31 – DAVID BUDRES 17. 28 – KORY SCHUDY 18. 97 – SPENCER BAYSTON 19. 91 – DERECK KING 20. 9K – KYLE SCHUETT 21. 71 – RYAN ROBINSON 22. 71K – CARSON MACEDO 23. 91T – TYLER THOMAS