Felker Fast at Boyd

Tulsa, OK June27, 2015- 55 days after the last race was ran the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget series presented by Total Comm and Boss Chassis was on track at Boyd Raceway for night one of the Texas Swing.

After roughly an hour rain delay track officials worked the Bull Ring surface making for an excellent action packed 3 heat races which saw John Ricketts, Travis Scott and Andrew
Felker picking up victories respectively.

The nights A-Feature would see Ricketts, and Felker bring the 20 car field to green. With Felker jumping out the early lead with current rookie contender Anton Hernandez jumping into the 2nd position. As the race would go past half
way Felker would quickly approach lap traffic riding the top of the 1/4 Bull Ring. The sole caution on the nights 25 lap a-feature came out just past the halfway mark as the 3C of Raven Culp would come to a stop between turn 3 and 4. Culp would re-fire and continue. On the restart Hernandez would get a good jump with Felker and try to make a move exiting turn 2 but would appear to run out of real-estate allowing the 04 of Kyle Jones to make the pass for second. The race was on but lap after lap Felker would pull away once amazing working lap traffic. when the checkered flag flew it would Felker winning followed by Kyle Jones and Anton Hernandez.

After the races when asked about the night Felker replied “This track was awesome, hats off to the whole track prep crew for sticking it out and letting us get this one in after the rain shower and all the fans for sticking around to watch the show. Track came out real good, it was a rim rider definitely a fun track. Kind of reminded me a little bit of Cowtown, miss that place be around down here but this was definitely a fun track, had fun getting around lap traffic and I’m just lucky enough to be driving this MelMark Pipe & Supply, Stanton Engines powered Boss Chassis. Just can’t thank all our sponsors enough.”

Contingency Winners
5th place Rod End Supply-Dustin Gates
7th place Dirty Knuckle Garage Clothing- Raven Culp
9th- Total Comm – Jeb Sessums
11th place Autoglass Unlimited – Jeremy Hefler
13th place Dirty Knuckle Garage Clothing- Jordan McPherson
15th place Mud X – Danny Burke
17th place Shock Doc- AJ Burns
20th place Autoglass Unlimited -Eric Fenton
Factor 1 Hard Charger – Ty Hulsey +12
Race Bumper Hard Luck Award – Grady Chandler

Next up for the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series presented by Total Comm and Boss Chassis:
Lawton Speedway
July 11th, 2015

Shock Doc Heat 1: 1) 20w John Ricketts 2) 14E Eric Fenton 3) 15B Danny Burke

Team FFMMP Heat 2: 1) 2 Travis Scott 2) 04 Kyle Jones 3) 52 Anton Hernandez

Rod End Supply Heat 3: 1) 11a Andrew Felker 2) 3c Raven Culp 3) 24 Hunter Fischer

A-Feature 1) 11A Andrew Felker 2) 04 Kyle Jones 3) 52 Anton Hernandez 4) 2 Travis Scott 5) 51 Dustin Gates 6) 20W John Rickets 7) 3C Raven Culp 8) 21 Ty Hulsey 9) 01J Jeb Sessums 10) 24 Hunter Fischer 11) 69 Jeremy Hefler 12) 11 Michelle Melton 13) 7X Jordan McPherson 14) 9U Doig McCune 15) 15B Danny Burke 16) 23A Hannah Adair 17) 1OU AJ Burns 18)31 James Burke 19) 59 Grady Chandler 20 14E Eric Fenton. DNS 27K Kyle Keeler.

Media Contact:
Ryan “Hoss” Merz