Drevicki Does it at Bridgeport

2014 ARDC Champion, Steven Drevicki picked up his first win of the 2015 season and did so in dominating fashion during Friday night ARDC competition on the Bridgeport quarter mile.

All of Drevicki’s ARDC wins have come on different tracks and he just added the Bridgeport Speedway to that list this week.

Polesitter, Tommy Kunsman led the first four laps of the twenty-five lap feature event with Shawn Jackson and Brett Wanner on his heals.  PJ Gargiulo took over third on lap two and then used the inside to complete the pass by Jackson to take over second on lap three.  After starting eleventh  on the grid, Drevicki was making his own moves as he raced his way into third just one lap before he challenged and took over second from Gargiulo on lap four.  With five laps on the books, Drevicki took the lead followed by Kunsman, Gargiulo, Brett Arndt and Nick Wean.

Wean was on the move as he took third from Gargiulo on lap seven – right before Kunsman brought out the caution in turn two.  Kunsman was able to restart at the rear of the field.

Drevicki went back to work and led Wean, Gargiulo, Brenden Bright and Arndt through lap ten.  Gargiulo went to the outside to raced by Wean to take second on lap eleven before setting his sights on Drevicki.  Bright made his way by Wean as Gargiulo closed in on the leader with ten to go.

But Drevicki made a critical decision as he heard an engine approaching and changed to the high line.  Again , he was able to pull away.

As the laps counted down, Gargiulo mounted another challenge and closed in on the leader.  Wean took over third from Bright on lap twenty-one.  Gargiulo executed a slider on Drevicki on lap twenty-three but was unable to complete the pass for the lead.

Drevicki raced to his first win of the season followed by Gargiulo.  Bright finished third.  Danny Stratton came home fourth after having trouble getting his Hyper No. 2 to start for the feature.  Arndt rounded out the top five at the finish.  Wean pulled off the track with just two laps to go.

Heat races were won by Brenden Bright and PJ Gargiulo.

Next on ARDC’s schedule is September 18th at Williams Grove and Path Valley on September 19th.


1. Steven Drevikci, 2. PJ Gargiulo, 3. Brenden Bright, 4. Danny Stratton, 5. Brett Arndt, 6. Bruce Buckwalter, Jr. 7. Shawn Jackson, 8. Tommy Kunsman, Jr., 9. Bill Courtwright, 10. Nick Wean, 11. Brett Wanner, 12. Jamie Spears, 13. Trevor Kobylarz