Daniel Robinson Rolls in Garden City Prelim

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (September 2, 2016) – On a picture perfect evening 25 drivers signed in for competition at Airport Raceway. A joint effort from the POWRi West and the Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association proved to be a perfect pairing for the 1st Annual Midget Round Up.

Heat races would be won by Zac Taylor, Matt Sherrell, and Keith Rauch. A single B feature wouldbe won by Grady Chandler.

Brent Rees and Daniel Robinson would bring the field to green, with Robinson taking the early advantage. Mark Chisholm, Bob Harr and aKeith Rauch made quick work to start pressuring the front row duo. A short 3 laps in Chisholm would make contact with the wall exiting turn two and would begin a series of violent flips, and would collect Bob Harr. Both drivers were transported, and while awaiting further reports, it appears both will recover.

Back under way Robinson would lead the field back to green as Rauch, Matt Sherrell would apply pressure. This is where the battle began. As Rauch and Sherrell would challenge each other it would allow for Steven Shebester, Greg Schafer, and Jeff Crook to catch the leaders in lap traffic. Trading position for several laps the top 6 would magically work through traffic before the nights second flag would fly for Hunter Fischer would looked to be avoiding a spinning car and clipped an infield tire and would barrel roll several times. Fischer would walk away unharmed.

Back under green with 5 laps to go Sherrell would begin to pressure Robinson, coming close several times but Robinson would keep momentum and continue to lead. Coming off turn 4 Sherrell would give it one last shot but Robinson would cross the checkers first, just by a nose.

A-Feature Results. 1) 56y Daniel Robinson 2) 35 Matt Sherrell 3) 27 Keith Rauch 4) 82m Steven Shebester 5) 47 Greg Schaffer 6) 5J Jeff Crook 7) 44 Wesley Smith 8) 3m Brent Rees 9) 12 Chris Sheil 10) 71 Zac Taylor 11) 10 Lance Bennett 12) 76 Mark Hamilton 13) 74 Zack Merritt 14) 7 Troy Simpson 15) 20 Collin Reinhart 16) 55 Hunter Fischer 17) 72 Grady Chandler 18) 56x Mark Chisholm 19) 2 Bob Harr 20) 15c Garrett Carsons

RaceBumper. Com Hard Charger: Chris Sheil
Rod End Supply Hard luck: Bob Harr
Mud X Lucky 7: 44 Wesley Smith
Integrity Customs High Point Award: Mark Chisholm

Saldana Racing Products Heat 1: 71 Zac Taylor
Day Motorsports Heat 2: 35 Matt Sherrell
Smith Titanium Heat 3 : 27 Keith Rauch

B-Feature- Grady Chandler

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