Clauson Wins World Derby

(December 27, 2014) – A Chili Bowl win to kick off the 2014 racing season for Bryan Clauson was backed up by a World Derby triumph in Saturday night’s 30-lap POWRi International Midget main event at Western Springs Speedway.

Clauson led an all-USA sweep of the podium with Darren Hagen in second and Friday night winner Rico Abreu in third.

Starting from the pole position, Hagen outgunned Clauson for the lead at the outset only to have Clauson race back by for keeps on the seventh circuit.

Clauson kept all challengers at a distance the rest of the way with Hayden Williams and Tracy Hines rounding out the top five.

World Derby: 1. Bryan Clauson; 2. Darren Hagen; 3. Rico Abreu;. 4. Hayden Williams; 5. Tracy Hines; 6. Jerry Coons, Jr.; 7. Brock Maskovich; 8. Shayne Alach; 9. Chris McCutcheon; 10. Ben Drummond; 11. Dayne Maxwell; 12. Brad Mosen; 13. Dave Darland; 14. James Earl; 15. Ryan O’Connor; 16. Duane Hickman; 17. Scott Buckley; 18. Lucas Scott; 19. Michael Pickens; 20. Peter Hunnibell.