Chase Johnson Tops BCRA Opener at Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, Cal. (March 15, 2019) – Chase Johnson won Friday night’s season-opening BCRA Midget feature event at the Dirt Track at Kern County Raceway Park.

The Penngrove racer took the checkered flag ahead of Jake Swanson with Maria Cofer, Austin Liggett and Robert Dalby rounding out the top five.

After Liggett set the night’s quickest time of 15.233 seconds in qualifying, heat race victories for the 17-car field were claimed by Liggett, Corey Elliott and Cofer

Feature Finish (25 Laps):  1. 47m-Chase Johnson, 2. 73k-Jake Swanson, 3. 57-Maria Cofer, 4. 83-Austin Liggett, 5. 4-Robert Dalby, 6. 7-Shannon McQueen, 7. 5g-Ben Worth, 8. 1p-Terry Nichols, 9. 1n-Troy Morris III, 10. 31k-Kyle Beilman, 11. 11k-Gage Rucker, 12. 20-C.J. Sarna, 13. 99-Robert Carson, 14. 73-Dylan Ito, 15. 11e-Corey Elliott, 16. 71r-Michael Faccinto, 17. 63-Frankie Guerrini (DNS).