Chandler Gets First POWRi West Win at OKC

Tulsa, OK | July 12, 2015: (photo courtesy of Mike Howard) On a hot summer afternoon 20 Lucas Oil POWRi West Midgets signed in at the track where it all began, I44 Riverside Speedway. Track promoter Mark Banister did everything he could to provide a smooth race surface and thats just what teams received.

After heat races were completed it would be previous winner at I44 Kevin Bayer leading the field to green along with Grady Chandler. On the start Chandler would get a good jump as Bayer hit an infield tire off of turn 4 and would wheelie, allowing Chandler an even better advantage into turn one. The nights first caution would come for a stopped Chad Howell atop turn four. He would not be able to re-fire and would be done for the night.

Chandler leads the field back to green as the top three of Chandler, Bayer, and Matt Sherrell would pull away from the rest of the field. Side by side racing would ensue the next several laps as a tight battle had begun for the 7th position. Chandler, Bayer, and Sherrell would distance themselves from the field, with Fischer, C. Brewer, and Hernandez in tow. Drivers would make it exciting for race fans as an intense battle would heat up as Adair,Johnson, Burns, Fenton, and Hulsey would battle for position.

Several cautions would wave throughout the nights 25 lap A-feature, but the young micro stand out would stay calm and focused aboard his High Country Electric, Stinger Chassis number 59. Matt Sherrell would make an impressive move into turn one and pass the 91K of Kevin Bayer to only have problems the following lap to bring out the nights final caution.

A green white checkered finish would be ignored to close out the nights A-feature, but no one had what it took to race past Chandler and he would go on to become the youngest feature winner with the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series picking up his first A feature win in a midget. Kevin Bayer would cross the line in 2nd, with Cody Brewer, Anton Hernandez and AJ Burns rounding out the top 5.

After the feature when asked about starting outside pole of the feature Chandler had this to say, “Obviously anytime I get into a race car I’m kinda nervous and worked up over it but came back to our home track I turned a lot of laps here in a lot of different cars, I knew i was gonna be good was hoping the car would hold up which it did, you know we had a lot of bad luck issues all year hopefully we have all those behind us we’ll go pick up another one.” He went on to say about his crew and sponsors “You know Rich, Richard, Richie, my dad, my mom everyone that just supports me behind this, it’s just truly an honor to me to have these people dedicate their time, money and energy to help us succeed. I cant thank High County Electric enough. Shell Shock, Stinger Chassis, Lucas Oil and the POWRi West for having us.”

Chandler became the 5th different winner with the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series after 5 standalone events. This just goes to show the level of talented drivers that race with the series. POWRi West Officials would like to thank I44 Riverside Speedway officials for having us and all their support they have given us.

Total Comm A Feature Resuts: 1. 59 Grady Chandler (2); 2. 91k Kevin Bayer (1); 3. 96 Cody Brewer (5); 4. 52 Anton Hernandez (6); 5. 1ou AJ Burns (15); 6. 31R Kyle Wheeler (11); 7. 85 Matt Johnson (16); 8. 21 Ty Hulsey (20); 9. 83 Shane Weeks (17); 10. 23 Hannah Adair (7); 11. 24 Hunter Fischer (4); 12. 51 Morgan Roan (18); 13. 17E Blake Edwards (14); 14. 35 Matt Sherrell (3); 15. 9u Doug McCune (19); 16. 14E Eric Fenton (12); 17. 1 Bobby Brewer (10); 18. 7x Jordan McPherson (13); 19. 4c Chad Howell (8); DNS: P40 Aaron Dromgoole

Contingency Winners:

Shock Doc Heat #1: Grady Chandler
Team ‪#‎FFMMP‬ Heat #2: Kevin Bayer
Rod End Supply Heat #3: Cody Brewer

5th place Rod End Supply-AJ Burns
7th place Dirty Knuckle Garage Clothing- Matt Johnson
9th- Total Comm – Shane Weeks
11th place Autoglass Unlimited – Hunter Fischer
13th place Dirty Knuckle Garage Clothing- Blake Edwards
15th place Mud X – Doug McCune
17th place Shock Doc- Bobby Brewer
19th place Autoglass Unlimited -Chad Howell
Factor 1 Hard Charger – Ty Hulsey +12
Race Bumper Hard Luck Award – Aaron Dromgoole

Next up:
Port City Raceway
Tulsa, OK
July 25, 2015 @7pm

Media Contact:
Ryan Hoss Merz