Chandler Cashes in at RPM

CRANDALL, Texas (June 30, 2017) – 22 drivers signed in for competition at RPM Speedway for night one of the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget League two step.

Three heat races would be won by Ace McCarthy, Grady Chandler, and Kory Schudy. The nights Integrity Customs High Point driver of the night would be Kade Taylor, and with a lucky roll of the dice landing on one the field would start heads up.

Kade Taylor and Grady Chandler would pace the field to green for the nights HE&M Saw 25 lap main event, with Taylor getting the early jump.

The initial battle would be with Ace McCarthy and Johnathan Beason as McCarthy would get to the lead point before a caution would fly in turn one for two cars spinning out. Back underway McCarthy and Beason would battle for the 2nd position until the duo would get together ending both of there attempts at victory.

A series of cautions and red flags would see the field dwindle as the action on track was heating up. New comer Alison Slaton would be victim of a vicious flip in turn three bringing out a late red haunting the field.

Back to green rookie contender Matt Moore would begin pressuring race leader Chandler. A series of slide jobs and cross overs provided fans with an absolute thriller as the leaders had a sizable lead over the field. Moore would gain the lead from Chandler and seem to pull away until lap traffic came into play. Chandler would hit the jackpot with a skilled move around the top of Moore and a lap car exiting turn 2 and would go on to win the nights feature.

Moore would finish second with a hard charging Wesley Smith rounding out the podium from 16th with Zane Hendricks and Michelle Decker completing the top 5.

HE&M Saw A-Feature (25 laps) 1) 00-Grady Chandler 2) 9- Matt Moore 3) 44- Wesley Smith 4) 27- Zane Hendricks 5) 4M- Michelle Decker 6) 52- Andrew Deal 7) 51- Kade Taylor 8) 21- Michelle Melton 9) 71WG- Weston Gorham 10) 9U- Doug McCune 11) 69- Kieth Martin 12) 08- Cannon MacIntosh 13) 24- Hunter Fisher 14) 4MX- Alison Slaton 15) 8J- Johnathan Beason 16) 28M- Ace McCarthy 17) 04- Kyle Jones 18) 10- Geo White 19) 28- Kory Schudy DNS) 3CC-Raven Culp

POWRi West Contingency Winners

Smith Titanium Heat Race 1 – Ace McCarthy
Saldana Racing Products Heat Race 2 – Grady Chandler
Keizer Sprint Wheels Heat Race 3 – Kory
Integrity Customs Tulsa High Points Award – Kade Taylor
The Engine Heater Hard Charger – Wesley Smith
Highest Finishing BOSS Chassis – Grady Chandler
HE&M Saw A-main winner – Grady Chandler.
Article Credit: Ryan Merz
Photo credit: Rudy Garcia