Brenden Bright Shines at Big Diamond

MINERSVILLE, Pa. (July 29, 2016) – 5th starting Brenden Bright has been the man to beat in 2016 and Friday night at Big Diamond would be no exception.

The field would be lead to the green by the 78 of Nick wean and the 95 Hyper of Jim Radney

Wean jumped into the early lead followed by Radney and 5th starting Ryan Greth.

The trio would stay in that running order until Greth would make a bold move and pass Radney for second on the outside and again execute the same maneuver to capture the top spot from Wean.

Out in front Greth would then set sail distancing himself from the remaining field

Radney would take the 2nd spot leaving Wean to fend off Alex Bright , Brett Arndt and Brenden Bright

On lap 12 the race would red flagged for Chris Dyson. Dyson, who traveled from Ventura California with the Corey Krusman team to race with ARDC took a hard hard hit as jumped the right rear of Josh Heckman entering turn 3 and flipped over the turn 3 wall. Grayson was transported to Geisinger hospital .

When racing resumed on lap 12 Greth would again distance himself from the rest of the field leaving Radney to fight off Alex Bright , Brett Arndt and Brenden Bright as Wean would begin to fade

Brenden Bright would best brother Alex and set his sights on Greth , who appeared to be slowing slightly

Bright would catch Greth as they passed the flag stand taking the white flag. Greth faltered in turn 2 allowing Bright to pull beside him going down the back stretch.

Bright dove inside entering corner 3 and as they exited turn 4 drove past Greth with Brother Alex hot on his heels.

Brenden Bright crossed the finish line in 1st followed by brother Alex and Greth in 3rd, Brett Arndt was 4th followed by 8th starting Trevor Kobylarz

Feature finish
92-B Bright
77-Alex Bright
14- Kobylarz
14B- Beasley
12c- Dyson
Heats winners were
Nick Wean
Jim Radney