Blake Edwards is Elbows Up at OKC

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (July 9, 2016) – Race fans packed the stands as 17 drivers signed in on a warm afternoon at I44 Riverside Speedway. The temperature would cool off providing excellent conditions come race time.

Heat races would be won by Steven Shebester and Frank Flud, with the Integrity Customs High point award going to Grady Chandler. At intermission, Christopher was chosen to be the POWRi West Jr fan of the night and came to roll the dice. Christopher would give the dice a roll landing on a 3, inverting the nights top 3 in passing points.

After the inversion was completed it would be Steven Shebster and Kory Schudy leading the field to green for the nights 25 lap A-Feature. The drop of the green would see Shebester jump out to the early lead with Schudy and Grady Chandler in tow. Side by side and three wide racing would occur as the track officials of I44 Riverside speedway provided a great racing surface. Shebester began to the distance himself from the field as laps dwindled away but the battle for second heating up.

Blake Edwards, Schudy, Frank Flud and Chandler would provided action packed racing while battling for the second spot. Just when it seems Shebester had the field covered, a problem would arise sending him to the infield, forfeiting the lead to Schudy. With 7 laps remaining the battle was on. Edwards would pressure Shudy lap after lap finally making his move for the lead spot in turns 3 & 4. Edwards would go on to pick ups his first career POWRi West feature event. Chandler would cross the line second with Schudy, Flud and Robert Sellers rounding out the top 5

A Feature results 1) 17E Blake Edwards 2) 72 Grady Chandler 3) 28 Kory Schudy 4)8K Frank Flud 5) 4C Robert Sellers 6) 4M Michelle
Decker 7) 28M Ace McCarthy 8) 2 Travis Scott 9) 21 Ty Hulsey 10) 19 Doug McCune 11) 2X Gavin Scott 12) 82M Steven Shebester 13) 59 Cody Carter 14) Larry Bratti 15) 89 Nick Bailey 16) 24 Hunter Fisher 17) 91 Kevin Bayer

RaceBumper. Com Hard Charger: Blake Edwards +5
Rod End Supply Hard luck; Steven Shebester
Lucky 7 Mud X: Ace McCarthy
Integrity Customs High Point Award: Grady Chandler

Saldana Racing Products Heat 1: Steven Shebester.
Day Motorsports Heat 2: Frank Flud

Next up:
Port City Raceway July 30, 2016

Photo credits: Mike Howard

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