Arndt Loves Linda’s

By Michael Batz, JONESTOWN, Pa. (April 23, 2016) – White-knuckle racing is the only way to describe night number two of Starrcade 2016.

Brett Wanner led the ARDC Midgets to the green flag for their 25 lap feature.

It would become apparent early that the midgets were going to use every inch of the quarter mile on this night.

Wanner lead until he bobbled in turn three and Brett Arndt was able to move into the top spot. Unfortunately for Arndt the pass would not stand because of a yellow flag for Ryan Greth and Jim Radney who were right behind Wanner when he slowed and brought out the yellow flag.

On the restart Wanner was able to hold off both Arndt and Nick Wean until lap eight when Arndt passed for the lead again. Once Arndt was out front would wage a battle with Bright and Wean for the top spot as they went 3 wide numerous times over the next five laps.

Arndt’s car was much better after a lap 14 red flag for Jamie Spears who flipped in turn 1.

After the red Arndt easily became the car to beat while Bright tried to fend off a hard charging Trevor Kobylarz.

Ardnt was able to withstand a late race yellow flag to grab his first ARDC Midget win at Linda’s Speedway.

Bright came across second ahead of Kobylarz, Wean, and Tommy Kunsman. Brendon Bright, Wanner, Eric Heydenrich, Jimmy Glenn, and Ryan Wilson made up the top ten finishers from the ARDC Midget portion of the Starrcade event.

Heat race winners for the Midgets were Alex Bright, Tommy Kunsman, and Ryan Greth

ARDC Midgets


Heat 1- Alex Bright, Brett Wanner, Jimmy Glenn, Ryan Wilson, Jamie Spears, Kameron Morral

Heat 2- Tommy Kunsman, Nick Wean, Jim Radney, Brenden Bright, Mark Lowrey, Danny Stratton

Heat 3- Ryan Greth, Trevor Koblyarz, Brett Arndt, Eric Heydenreich, Rohan Beasley, Tyler Rivard



1-Brett Arndt (46)

2-Alex Bright

3-Trevor Kobylarz

4-Nick Wean

5-Tommy Kunsman

6-Brenden Bright

7-Brett Wanner

8-Eric Heydenreich

9-Jimmy Glenn

10-Ryan Wilson

11-Mark Lowrey

12-Rohan Beasley

13-Tyler Rivard

14-Jamie Spears

15-Kameron Morral

16-Jim Radney

17-Ryan Greth

DNS- Danny Stratton